Santoor Scholarship – Overview and Eligibility Criteria

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Wipro Customer Care and Wipro Cares have partnered to develop the Santoor Scholarship program. Wipro Enterprises is the holding company headquartered in India that operates both Wipro Infrastructure Engineering and Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting. The headquarters of Wipro Enterprises is in Bangalore, India. It was a Wipro division until 2013 when the parent company split its non-IT lines into a separate legal entity. The program’s goal is to provide financial assistance to girls from low-income families who want to continue their education beyond high school. The program, which began in 2016-17, assists 900 students per year throughout Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Telangana. It is an ongoing initiative that supports chosen students only for a period of their career. Four years ago, the Santoor Scholarship Program supported nearly 3600 students. Students from underserved areas are given priority.

Santoor Scholarship 2021


This scholarship is intended for worthy students who want to further their studies.  Of course, no one expects you to have a considerable amount of money all at once. It will suggest that you have to apply for the scholarship individually to handle your expenses. You must show the scholarship committee that you are in urgent need of financial assistance.

Prepare for the exams and interviews while applying for a Santoor Scholarship. You must gather information such as academic records, the current status of this scholarship. You will have to wait for the results after completing the application process. The application form must be submitted either online or at any branch of the institution to which you have been accepted. There is a time limit for declaring oneself fit.

The Santoor Scholarship is awarded to full-time students or those who wish to finish their studies in any course of their choosing.  An applicant for this scholarship could be a woman who is disabled due to a medical condition. They will have to explain that they come from a deprived segment of society and can use their education to support those who are less fortunate. They are given money in the form of a loan for this reason.

Before applying for such a scholarship, specific laws and regulations must be followed. If you are a member of a minority community or a woman, you might be eligible for additional financial assistance. It all depends on how much you want to drive yourself and how determined you are to finish your studies and become a well-paid professional.

Many women are now pursuing entrepreneurship as a way of running their businesses. This has culminated in a significant number of vacancies for entry-level jobs in the corporate sector. In such a case, the Santoor Scholarship will be an excellent investment because it provides many students with a good career boost.


Eligibility requirements will change from year to year, so you must remain up to date. In addition to the standard set of requirements, each Scholarship will have its own set of admissions criteria. Academic quality is the most common eligibility requirement, although this can vary. The curriculum has its own set of requirements, so do your homework on the specific program you are involved in to ensure that you meet the minimum qualifications. If your grades are below average, you should consider enrolling in an alternative educational program that meets these requirements.


  • Passed matriculation from any school.
  • Passed intermediate from any college.
  • Enrolled in a graduate program.

One of the advantages of applying for this Scholarship is that you would have access to assistance if you need it. Scholarships are available for those who apply, so there is no need to wait if you believe you are qualified. However, it is important to note that this Scholarship is intended for those who have the greatest potential for realizing and developing their full potential.

Suppose you believe that your gender, race, sexual orientation, or any other trait can play a role in positively influencing your performance. In that case, this could be the perfect academic program for you.



  1. When this program started?

It was started in 2016 in Bangalore, India.

  1. Is this program free of cost?

Yes, this scholarship program is free of cost for disabled girls.

  1. What is the amount of this scholarship fee?

Students will be paid twenty-four thousand per year before they complete their studies. They can even use the scholarship to pay for tuition or other education-related expenses.

  1. How can someone contact this Santoor scholarship program?

They give their contact number by calling on 011-430-92248 or simply by email mailto:[email protected]



Ms. Firdausiye Ogan established the Santoor Scholarship. She has given a thorough study of the past and current state of education in India in her article “The New Face of Education in India” (published in Journal of Social History). She presented her case study on the phenomenon of globalization, the growing role of distance education in Indian society, and the different types of scholarship awards given to students pursuing master’s degrees in various fields and common courses such as MBA, MCA, Ph.D., and so on.

There is a preliminary conclusion at the end of the article stated in the body of the document. She has included a description of the key points made in her post. Based on this finding, she has proposed five steps that teachers, academics, and researchers should take before moving forward with their careers. Following these suggestions will help students achieve their goals of securing a higher qualification for higher positions in their respective fields of study.


  • The Santoor Scholarship is available to students seeking higher education and those who have worked for at least two years.
  • It is important to remember that this scholarship is open to people worldwide, not just those who live in India.
  • The number of students who can apply for this scholarship is not limited.
  • Students with a one-of-a-kind talent or attributes in high demand in their respective fields of study have a strong chance of receiving this scholarship.
  • This scholarship is also open to students of minority faiths.
  • To work in a multicultural community, they must have good communication skills, versatility, and adaptability.

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