Vidyasiri Scholarship 2021 ( Eligibility and Application process)

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The Karnataka State Government established the Vidyasiri Scholarship Scheme. The program’s primary goal is to provide financial support to backward applicants in the state of Karnataka for education. The State Government of Karnataka pays the fees recommended by the colleges to eligible applicants under this plan. Furthermore, the Karnataka ePass Vidyasiri Scholarship 2021 is beneficial to a student who wishes to complete his or her higher education but lacks the financial means to pay the exam fee.

The Karnataka Welfare Department will soon publish the Vidyasiri Scholarship 2021 Online Application Form link to provide educational assistance to backward class students. Candidates interested in applying for the Karnataka Vidyasiri ePass Scholarship 2021 should go to the official website and fill out the ePass Application Form before the deadline. The ePass status will be updated once the KarePass Scholarship Application is completed.

Vidyasiri Scholarship 2021

An Overview

The Vidyasiri Scholarship is a unique Vidyasiri Sarpati award given to candidates in the Indian Institute of Technology. Vidyasiri is a course which is for those who are interested in science and technology. This course provides you with an introduction to electrical engineering. Vidyasiri also covers mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, and other aspects of technology. These subjects help to provide a basic understanding of various branches of science and technology.

Vidyasiri Sarpati students need to undergo five years of IIIT JEE training. This is generally a combination of classroom sessions, practical training, and examinations. This enables students to understand each subject and learn it properly. You need to first complete your education from Classes I to IV. In case you have missed any class, you will be able to pick up the subjects from the next available one.

There is a Vidyasiri scholarship available for students who wish to study abroad. However, there is a limit on the number of students who can apply for this scholarship. When you use it, you need to ensure that you possess the eligibility criteria. For instance, you must be above 21 years and enrolled in a Vidyasiri eligible course. The process of applying for the scholarship is quite similar to the one for studying at Vidyasiri.

There are some other scholarships available for students wanting to study abroad. For instance, the Indian Foundation of Arts and Sciences (IFAS) scholarship is also provided to talented students. These students can get grants in various fields like arts, commerce, education, finance, and medicine. You also get a choice to select the courses for which you want to receive the scholarship. Students also have the option to upgrade their degree if they acquire the fund.

If you want to pursue engineering as your primary, you can also look forward to Vidyasiri Engineering Scholarship. As the name suggests, this scholarship is only given to those interested in pursuing engineering as their major. There is a specified subject or area in engineering for which the students can apply for the scholarship. This is also the case with the Finance Scholarship and Medicine scholarships.

For students intending to pursue Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Vidyasiri Finance Scholarship is the right choice. You need to provide convincing arguments to the organizers to prove that you can succeed in the business world. You must also mention how much money you would like to spend on your education. The organizers will decide to consider your academic history, past work experiences, and aspirations. If you mention the specific courses, you would like to study, and you will also be eligible for this scholarship.

Law Scholarship is another Vidyasiri scholarship available for those who want to pursue Law as a major. Those who prefer to choose Law as their major should ideally start preparing for it from high school. Once you are eligible for Vidyasiri Scholarship, you can choose to study abroad in India, Mexico, China, South Africa, the USA, and Canada. The stipulations in each of these studies abroad programs may differ. You must choose the program that is best suited for you.

Medicine Scholarship is also available for students who have an interest in studying medicine. To apply for this scholarship, you need to mention the subject or area of your interest. Vidyasiri also offers a Science Scholarship for Students who wish to opt for a career in the allied fields such as medicine. To qualify for this scholarship, you must be eligible to sit for the MBBS from a recognized medical college. It would help if you also qualified for the National Health Service (NHS) Scholarship.


Eligibility and Application Process

  • Applicants must be Karnataka residents.
  • To be eligible for the Vidyasiri Scholarship, students must have a minimum of 75% attendance.
  • Only candidates who are ST/SC/OBC are eligible to apply for this scheme.
  • The applicant’s family income cannot exceed Rs.2 lakh per year, and the family income of a backward class student cannot exceed Rs.1 lakh per year.
  • To be eligible for the Vidyasiri ePass Scholarship and KarePass Pre-matric Scholarship, you must not apply for any other scholarship schemes in the state of Karnataka; otherwise, your online application form will be dismissed.



  1. Can I apply for each plan under the Karnataka Vidyasiri Scholarship 2021 individually?

Yes, you must apply for each scheme under the Karnataka EPass Scholarship separately. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for each plan.

      2.Is there a selection process for Vidyasiri Scholarships?

No, it does not. The Karnataka EPass Scholarships do not require a selection test. The Taluka office will select applications based on eligibility conditions, merit, and the applicant’s family’s annual income.


The direct application link for the Vidyasiri Scholarship 2021 is available here. You can find all of the necessary information about the KarePass Scholarship, such as application status, eligibility criteria, and the renewal process, on this page. Check this page frequently for the most recent information on the Vidyasiri Scholarship 2021. The link is given below

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