Dr Ambedkar Scholarship 2021( Complete Guide)

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The Dr Ambedkar Scholarship for Pre-Matric and Post-Matric Students is a scholarship programme run by the BC Department of the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. This programme is designed helpful for people from Denotified, Nomadic, and Semi-Nomadic Tribes (DNTs).

The government aims to promote academic achievement among DNTs under this scheme to force them to speed with the rest of society. To that end, the Dr Ambedkar Scholarship for DNT pre-matric students provides a scholarship of up to INR 1500 per year, while the Dr Ambedkar Scholarship for DNT post-matric students provides a scholarship of up to INR 1200.

Dr Ambedkar Scholarship 2021

An Overview

Dr Ambedkar is one of the most renowned personalities in Independent India. A noted writer, thinker, and statesman of Indian tradition, he has been associated with India’s quest for education since the latter’s inception. He is highly respected due to this and remains in high esteem with India’s people to this day. He is so popular that many consider him to be their historical person of inspiration.

For entering the process of application, students have to fulfill the essential eligibility criteria. They are expected to be qualified academically and also for possessing talent and potential. They must have strong communication skills, besides being aware of their strengths and weaknesses. For exceptional students, a TOEFL credit is necessary. Students should not be concerned about whether they have done well or not in English literature; if they have good math, science, and reading; they will also be eligible for this scholarship.

For starting the course, they can join one of the reputed universities in India like Hyderabad, Jamshedpur, Delhi etc. After joining, they are required to perform some independent study. Various institutions offer such a course. But it is always better to choose a renowned institution for learning and acquiring knowledge on writing. In this way, the student is guaranteed quality education on campus and the required hands-on experience in the writing stream.

The students are required to write an essay on a particular topic. The topic can be anything related to the line of study undertaken. However, it should not be an abstract essay. The topics can be chosen from a wide range of areas, including history, society, current affairs, literature, etc.

The Dr Ambedkar Scholarship is provided based on merit. This means that the candidate needs to achieve the minimum eligibility criteria. The minimum criterion is that the candidate should be a resident of India, and he/she should hold a doctorate. Other than this, the candidates need to belong to the Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, Backward Class or Disabled. These requirements ensure that the students eligible for the scholarship do not just receive it based on race, nationality or birth.

Once the candidate has met these essential eligibility criteria, he/she can proceed further in applying for a Dr Ambedkar Scholarship. He/she needs to fulfil the other eligibility criteria also. For this, the candidate must have a primary grade B in the subject that is being studied. Along with this, he/she should have a CELTA/ CELTA certificate. The candidates who are eligible for this scholarship need to participate in some extracurricular activities also.

To compile the essay, the students need to submit a proposal. This is a document containing their details along with the primary purpose of the article. Along with this, they should present their academic records. The other information includes the field of study, the year of graduation, the tenure of the same etc.

In addition to this, a detailed description of the essay should also be included in the proposal. After reading the proposal and understanding it carefully, if the candidate is still interested, he/she can proceed further in writing the essay. Then a proofreading session will be held for the final composition of the article. Finally, the students need to submit the report and the required proof by the due date.



Every scholarship fund has specific terms of service that students must meet to benefit from it. Similarly, before filling out the Dr Ambedkar scholarship application form for pre-matric and post-matric students, ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements. The list of eligibility criteria for the GOI’s Ambedkar scholarship scheme is addressed below.

  • Candidates must be members of Denotified, Nomadic, and Semi-Nomadic Tribes (DNTs) who are not members of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, or Other Backward Classes.
  • The applicants’ annual family income from all sources must not exceed INR 2 lakh.
  • Candidates must be in classes 1 to 10 and 11, 12 (including general, vocational, ITI courses, 3-year diploma courses in Polytechnics, and so on), graduation, postgraduation, M.Phil., PhD, and post-doctoral programmes.



Q: What documents are required for this scholarship?

The following documents must be posted with the Dr Ambedkar Scholarship Application form:

  • A photocopy of the caste certificate that has been self-attested
  • Certificate of domicile
  • Certificate of Income for Parents
  • A copy of your high school diploma
  • A photocopy of the first page of a bank passbook
  • Certificate of handicap (if applicable)

Q: What are the rewards of this scholarship?

  • Maintenance allowance
  • Study tour fees
  • Thesis typing and printing charges
  • Book bank facility
  1. Can students reapply for scholarship renewals?

Yes, registered students must apply again for scholarship renewal.



The main thrust of Dr. Ambedkar scholarship is to encourage young students with an interest in higher education and write books and essays in the academic field. The scholarship is also open to those who would like to pursue higher studies in Indian languages. The beneficiaries can also pursue specialization with the help of the fund. However, this depends on the student’s ability to finish the courses stipulated and their success in the written examinations.

The Dr Ambedkar Scholarship is one of India’s most significant scholarships offered by any government or private organization. It also provides a substantial monetary award. The students have to complete their MBA from a reputed college and complete the course successfully.

Aside from the Dr Ambedkar Scholarship for Pre- and Post-Matric Students, we are constantly updating our resources to help you as an Indian student pursue your Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate. As a result, you will improve your leadership abilities, obtain certification, and land your dream career. You can apply from the given link:


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