Six Essential Tips on Surviving University as a New Student

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It is said that one’s time in university are some of the best years of their life. This is a crucial time of independence, learning, and forming relationships that last a lifetime. However, having a social life and keeping up good grades is quite hard, but by following a few important tips such as being aware of and opting for essay writing services in the USA, there is a good chance that anyone can survive university.

  1. Keeping a Budget

For many, life is different at university especially since they have to now live alone and manage their expenses. It may be tempting to start spending almost immediately, but it is very important that as a new student one learns to prioritize and budget their spending.

An easy way to do this is to list down one’s spending and then number them according to importance, that is, the most crucial forms of spending, such as rent and bills would come at the top, followed by food and university supplies. According to this, calculate an estimated amount required each month and add that to a student or ATM card to use. This would force students to keep to a specific budget and may even teach them to find ways to reduce monthly spending so that extra cash can be used for additional fun activities.

  1. Switch to a Meal Plan

As it happens, university life is quite fast and continuous, and many times, one may resort to fast and easy food, which eventually may not be good for one’s health. Instead, it is a better idea to switch to a meal plan that is healthy, affordable but still something that one would want to eat. This would allow students to see how much they need to budget for spending on food and switch to healthier food that can improve energy.

  1. Looking up Ways to Improve Essays

As a university student, one is likely to have to write multiple papers and essays for various courses throughout their four years of study. This can be quite gruelling for students who have a hard time managing the workload, struggle with the English language, or generally find essay writing difficult. In cases like this, students can look up Essay writing services USA to find places that can help them write a good quality essay.

A good way to pick the best place is by looking at affordability and at online testimonials from other students who have used the service in the past. Another way is to ask fellow peers if they have used such services and see which ones they recommend.

  1. Improve Reading Speed

There is a lot of work to do at university. Students may often find themselves burdened with reading several chapters before class. They may also have to do several more readings for assignments. Therefore, a new student needs to speed up one’s reading skills. This can be done by first reading through novels faster. Eventually, one will be able to learn to skim through pages, where important points are read and the rest is skipped.

Another way to increase one’s speed is by highlighting sections one may find important or relevant so that they can be referred to again at the time of writing the assignment.

  1. Don’t Be Embarrassed to Ask for Help

Coming to a new place may feel daunting and that may reflect in a new student’s progress. Therefore, if a student is struggling, they should always try to ask for help and not be ashamed. Not asking for someone to help would likely make the problem worse rather than better. It is a good idea to approach teachers or student-tutors for help when failing a particular subject.

Additionally, if a student has any other problems, they should always try and seek help from relevant people. If there is a financial crisis, call the parents or guardians. If there is a problem at home, reach out to housemates or friends. Whatever the issue, it is likely that there will always be someone there to help.

  1. Know Basic Living Skills

As independent adults, new students should learn basic skills to keep themselves well. This includes learning how to cook basic meals. It doesn’t have to be something fancy, but knowing simple things such as boiling pasta, frying an egg, or chopping vegetables can help in the long run.

With the internet, it has become all the easier to cook. One can easily look up any recipe they require and be able to make it, granted they follow a few instructions. Knowing how to cook can additionally cut expenses that may arise from eating out, and also ensure that students eat healthier food.

Other important skills to know should include learning to work a washing machine and a good and general maintenance of one’s living space. As a new student who is likely to be living in the same space for the foreseeable future, one should make time to clean up after themselves. No one likes living in a pigsty, so doing small chores around one’s living space can avoid that.

Going to university can be a lot of fun. However, it is also important to remember not to shirk adult responsibilities. Doing a little every day can make a big difference to one’s quality of life, which in turn, can only improve one’s time in college but can also ensure that students keep up their grades.


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