How To Support a Person Diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes?

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There is no doubt that with the support and cooperation of family and friends, one can efficiently win a war against anyone, even if it is type 2 diabetes. Apart from taking diabetic medication on time and following a healthy regime, social support systems also play a crucial role in managing and treating diabetes.

According to a review published by the Journal Behavioural Science (Basel, Switzerland) in 2017, the care and support of family & friends help improve diabetes management and treatment. It positively affects the victim’s overall health and helps in rejuvenating in these challenging times.

Type-2 diabetes is a chronic illness that asks for lifelong maintenance. We know that you can’t just remove or kill the diseases, but your support, comfort, kindness, and soft behaviour can work as an elixir for the person with type 2 diabetes.

In this article, we have listed all the actions and activities you can perform to support your loved ones who are diagnosed with type-2 diabetes to better their health.

So, let us check them out one by one.

  • Avert Being Diabetes Police.

Nagging is one of the primary things that you should avert when you are with type 2 diabetes diagnosed people. We know it can be frustrating to see your loved one not performing the required actions and making unhealthy choices, but there is a line between providing help and nagging.

Nagging or being diabetes police can irritate your loved ones and affect your relations with them and affect their health in the worst-case scenario.

Type-2 diabetes is a severe disease, and its complications will lead the victim to kidney damage, eye damage, nerve damage, stroke, and even heart attack if not managed properly for a long time. So, it is advised to be a helping hand instead of being diabetes police.

  • Uplift them to follow a Healthy Diet.

If a person is diagnosed with type-2 diabetes, a healthy lifestyle becomes the only elixir for them, including a healthy diet and good eating habits.

As it is vital to control and normalize blood sugar levels. For someone who has been diagnosed with type-2 diabetes recently, changing eating habits can feel vigorous and challenging, but the hand of a loved one can ease it.

You can encourage them by heading along with them to their dietitian, getting acquainted with the various diet strategies, and then assisting them in making a healthy regime and better meal choices. You can also join their educational classes.

Also, avert eating junk or fast foods near them will make it harder for them to stick to a healthy eating regime. Instead of this, join them as it will encourage them and keep you fit too, and that is a bonus.

  • Participate in a Diabetes Support group with them.

Participating in a diabetes support group is also a wonderful way to support a person diagnosed with type-2 diseases. As people with diabetes crave a vent or outlet to express themselves and squeeze out the frustration and burden they are carrying. Motivating them to attend a diabetes support group and offering to go along with them will help them and let you learn about how to deal with type-2 diabetes.

  • Be Observant with Blood Sugar Drops.

It has been seen that people with type-2 diabetes experience blood sugar sometimes drops, due to which they can feel weakness, fatigue, and clouded thinking.

As blood sugar drops create confusion, lowers motor skills, and in some cases cause hallucinations, your loved ones may be unable to express themselves coherently, so it is crucial to know what to do in these situations.

Please consult with the doctor and know its symptoms and what measures should be taken now.

  • Present your Services.

You can showcase your support and care to the people diagnosed with type-2 diabetes by offering your services. For instance:- offer to drive for them, go along with them to their doctor’s next appointment and take notes for them as it will help them recall and remember significant directions and information given by the doctor. You can also grab their medications from medical stores or pharmacies.

Apart from this, you can research and analyze more about Type-2 diabetes in your spare time, as the more you get acquainted with type-2 diabetes, the better support you can provide. So, do not hesitate to ask questions to doctors and professionals about type-2 diseases. Educate yourself and be an unbreakable supportive pillar for your loved ones.

Just be specific when offering your services to a diabetic patient or making yourself available for them.

  • Perform Exercises, Yoga, or Other Activities Together.

We believe that you are very aware that regular physical activity is vital for patients diagnosed with type-2 diabetes, and it is as significant as following a healthy diet. Regular physical activity is crucial for diabetic patients, as it aids in being active and maintaining a healthy weight that leads to lower blood glucose.

It might be strenuous and challenging for diabetic patients to stick to regular exercise. Still, the help of loved ones to whom they are accountable makes it more accessible. All you must do is choose a physical activity that you both like.

You can choose from various exercise options such as walking, strength training, flexibility exercises, biking, or yoga.

It will help increase energy, prevent stress, and reduce the risk of developing various diseases, including cancer and heart diseases.

  • Maintain a Positive Environment.

It is paramount that you maintain a positive environment as diabetes diagnosis can be frightening as there is always a risk of complications hanging over the head. If we look at the   diabetes is the seventh leading and prime cause of death.

So, it is better to be advised that keep the conversation light and positive if you can not offer any help or assistance. People diagnosed with type-2 diabetes are primarily aware of all the possible complications; stories of those who died from diabetes or whose limbs were amputated can affect their mental health and increase the risk of other complications.

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