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Sometimes the most beautiful things can be found in unexpected places. I was scrolling through my feed on social media one day when this image caught my eye. It looked like something straight out of an 80s video game!.  The colors were so vibrant and there seemed to have been some sorta science. Experiment going down at night time with these lights all glowing against each other . While someone played their instrument from behind creating such catchy tunes…I had no idea what they where playing but after looking closer realized its title “Mystik” by barshing overonal composition style which made me want more than anything else next week.

A mandala is a spiritual symbol that represents the universe. Anyone who has ever seen one can tell you they are usually rendering and often have some form of negative space in them, which may represent our own darknesses as well

and lightness combined with infinite possibilities for growth!……………………………………..

A woman bends over, playfully tapping her hands on top of an invisible ballpiano as if giving out instructions. The sound resonates through the room and into your ears before fading away into nothingness; it’s catchy without being too loud or distracting- just right for meditation sessions!. Mandala are spiritual symbols that represent the universe. They usually have some form of negative space, which may be our own darknesses or lightness combined with infinite possibilities for growth!

, she balances on one foot with the other leg bent behind her. She smiles sweetly up at us – at us, or perhaps just at her own reflection?

This is the image presented in the popular Android icon for Google Chrome web browser. A woman with a huge ass . It’s true that all most of us see when we look at it is this objectified icon of femininity. We may think that it looks cool or stylish even – but they are just visual cues to get you to recognize that icon and associate it with the Google Chrome browser. Once again we’re being sold something we don’t need through sexist images and messaging hidden deep within our very culture.

MANY years after death metal band Mortician released their first album “Re-Animated Dead Flesh” in 1993, fans of the band are still not satisfied with its cover art.

A woman in a revealing dress with dark skin is stooping on one knee while scales balance in her right hand. Her left hand is lifted behind her head and she is looking down at it with an expression that says, “What am I holding?”

This image belongs to the album “The End Complete” by death metal band Chimaira. We’re not really sure what’s going on here, but we can see she has dark skin and life must be hard for her because she has to hold onto something heavy! The artist reportedly said this about his work: “I always wanted to convey a strong sense of motion and strength in my drawings, and this was enhanced by her pose and the way she’s looking down.”

We’re almost positive that image is not conveying motion or strength at all! We see a woman who is probably confused – judging by her facial expression – and then there’s that scale. And what exactly does “The End Complete” mean? Especially since the cover art represents the beginning of something, we can only decipher it as meaning… total annihilation?

Once again we have an objectified female body on display for metal heads to take pleasure in. Of course she has to be dark skinned, because you know: racism and whatnot. Her dress is small and tight, showing off her ample breasts.


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