No One is Coming To Save You.

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For those who are not satisfied with the quality of their lives, there is only one way out. To break free from your current state and start anew. The problem lies in our unwillingness as we don’t want responsibility for what has happened so far or how it will affect us now – This can lead into an endless cycle where excuses continue piling up until nothing changes at all!
This passage discusses why people make excuse after.

Instead of making excuses, take responsibility for your life and start living the way you want. When we find ourselves trying to explain why our plans didn’t work out as expected. It means that instead of owning up or taking accountability (which would require us doing something differently) . We choose comfort through sinks-in explanations like “It all happened for a reason.” But this just leads back into more justifyations because now there’s another excuse at hand! So next time those thoughts enter my mind I’ll remind myself.

The fairytales we grow up with are usually more of an idealized version, but life is not like that. I remember as a child waiting for someone else.  TO save me from my dad or any situation which made me feelunsafe- until it became clear no one could ever be there if something bad happened
There’s this idea in our heads about how things should work out and what kind of  personality they’re going to raise above all others so you’ll always know where your.

As a child,

I put too much faith in people and they let me down one by one. But then something changed when Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book taught its readers not to trust anyone but themselves: “You can’t rely on other folks; if it’s important you have do it yourself.”

I was always the kid who would say yes to any dare, no matter how foolhardy. But as time went on and my friends got older than me (and left for college). It occurred that there might be something wrong with this picture: am I really happy? ..Or do these negative thoughts just follow wherever they please. Because of where we live-in an area full or crime stories KTVs bars dineSQLs coffee shops parks ?

You won’t be saved by your parents. It’s happened before. Perhaps it won’t happen again. In any case, they won’t be coming now. You’re all grown up now. Well, grown up maybe, but grown. The kids have their own responsibilities now.

It’s not your best friend who’s coming to save you. He will always love you, but he is knee deep in the same muck you are. Do your job. Be kind.  healthy. Be sane. Normal stuff. Talk to him sometime. Don’t expect him to save you.

You won’t be saved by the news media. Quite the contrary, they don’t give a damn about your fate. You are exploited by the news media. Your inbox and feeds are flooded with spam, hoping to catch your attention. You are bombarded with nightmare headlines that drain your energy. Put it aside. News drains your energy.

You won’t be saved by the internet. However, you will meet a few kind people there. Some of them will send you helpful itemsThere is also the possibility of them asking for money. Yes, they also want more money like you do. Some don’t care as much. It’s also possible that they will ask for money, but they aren’t really helping. Rather, they’re playing the friend caOnline living is You can’t save yourself with just a tool.


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