Little Mermaid Fanart

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This art contains the Little Mermaid, an iconic character from fairy tales. The scene is set in front of water withriel where she sits on top holding onto two shells. That were once her sisters when they became human again after being transformed by their love for someone else. Besides themselves which led them into temptation and sadness . Because it’s never easy losing something precious.  But at least now we know how much courage was needed just to go through life without believing anything . Would happen except getting eaten alive or having your heart taken away every day until there isn’t anymore left.

The Little Mermaid is a story of an unfortunate girl who falls in love with a sea monster. The movie has been adapted into many forms, one being the fan art you see here!
This piece features Ariel singing on land as waves lap at her feet; Eric from “Enchanted” makes his presence known behind her wearing both curly locks and glasses-in this version he’s not so beastly looking when broken down individually which might explain why she stays around for more than just conversation…

One of the most famous stories in all of folktale is about a young girl who falls asleep and wakes up to find herself at sea without knowing how she got there. She meets with some Merpeople, but they can’t help her because their webs only reach so far underwater; then one day while walking along land-based roadsides looking for food (or whatever reason), another person finds this unfortunate soul sleeping rough on dry ground near an old tree… The moral? Be careful where you go – just like these leaksy creatures!

A Magical Fork

Her fans watched her take nothing less than a fork as she was a collector. As she uncovered this particular item, the artist captured her look of wonder on her face. Through shading and combining colors, JemaJema created a piece that looks three-dimensional.

Washed Ashore

Mermaids cannot walk on land since they lack feet, but that didn’t stop Ariel from yearning for this particular gift. The artist displayed this desire in this painting, but the art itself is truly remarkable in how he combined definition with messy strokes. As the water lacks structure, viewers are drawn to Ariel and fans can thank Yuuza for creating this rendition.

Land And Sea

Although this princess was capable of traversing both land and sea, her heart was torn between the two. She used watercolors and Copic markers to illustrate the two worlds she lived in, which gave their artwork a vivid look. This piece was created by Larienne for any princess fan to hang on their wall as it has a trendy vibe that everyone can appreciate.

A Cartoon Version

Ariel was given even more cartoonish features by this artist in order to create a new type of animated Ariel. In light of the increase in volume of her hair and the cuteness of her face, fans are clamoring for a remake of the film in such a way. Tieufffff created this artwork that shows their true passion as their love for the character shines through.


Ganesh ji sketch


Ganesh ji sketch

No One is Coming To Save You.


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