Mitchell Scholarship 2021 ( Complete Guide)

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The Mitchell Scholars Program is intended to bring forward and integrate former American leaders in Ireland, recognize and foster intellectually successful performance, leadership and commitment to the community and public service in order to honor the crucial contributions of former U.S. senator George Mitchell to Northern Ireland peace process.

The George J. Mitchell Scholarship is a scholarship offered annually by the United States-Ireland Alliance to students wishing to pursue graduate-level studies in Ireland. In the year 2000, the first group of scholars began their studies. In some circles, the grant is likened to or lumped along with other overseas fellowships for American students, such as the Rhodes Scholarship or the Marshall Scholarship. Each year, over 300 young people from across the United States apply for the 12 scholarships. According to a report released in 2020 by the US-Ireland Alliance, applications for the George J. Mitchell Scholar Class of 2022 grew by 22%, resulting in a record number of 453 individual applicants for the programme.

Mitchell Scholarship 2021


All eligible candidates who are willing to participate in a strict bursary competition are encouraged to apply. All the following conditions must be met by a candidate for a Mitchell scholarship programme:

  • Be an American citizen
  • Age 18 or older, but not 30, as of the day on which the application is due. For example, you are not eligible if the deadline is September 29 and you turn 30 on September 28.
  • Before you start your studies as a Mitchell student, have a bachelor’s degree at an approved college or university.
  • Under all other circumstances, degrees from internationally recognized universities are admissible.
  • Married candidates or applicants with partners are approved, the expenditures of the spouse, the partner, or the dependents of the applicant must not be covered.

It is vital to remember that in Ireland or Northern Ireland, the relevant government agency may ask non-EU nationals’ spouses/partners to provide financial resources for the year in order to get the required visa or residence permit.


Q: How many applications do you receive each year across the country?

Mitchell Scholarship receives more than 300 applications annually.

Q: Should I be Irish American to apply?

No. The Mitchell Scholarship Program welcomes students from every ethnic, ethnic, racial, religious, and political background and encourages them to apply.

Q: Is there any financial assistance available to Mitchell Scholars?

The Mitchell Scholarship Program covers all costs of post-graduate academic study on the island, including tuition, accommodation (on-campus when available), and a monthly living stipend (currently $1250 USD) for up to 12 months of post-graduate academic study. The majority of programs last nine months. If the program of study necessitates staying on the island for more than three months, an additional summer stipend of up to three months will be offered (for a maximum of 12 months). The US-Ireland Alliance will also supply and arrange one round-trip airline ticket between the United States and Ireland, which will be booked directly with the airline. Everyone who is a Mitchell Scholar is responsible for obtaining and funding his or her own health insurance while studying abroad.

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