Maybank Scholarship 2021( Eligibility and Faqs)

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The award of bursaries to Malaysian students deserving of university education was a fundamental element of the CSR initiatives of Maybank since 1972. It is a major part of the “Education” topic in the six (6) pillars of corporate responsibility chosen by the Maybank Foundation, with the principal goal of providing financial support to worthy students with great potential. Create a robust entry-level pipeline that includes new graduates from top-class universities. Strengthen the reputation of Maybank as the leading employer of talent, particularly for new graduates.

To date, around 2000 Malaysian students have been given access to high-quality undergraduate training in several subjects that are related to banking and finance by some of the best universities in the world. From 2019 on, the Maybank Group Scholarship Program has an extensive local presence and full banking service in Cambodia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

A full scholarship is offered to high-potential students from selected universities in Malaysia, Australia, the UK, and the United States of America, who support their high-level studies in academic and extra-curricular activities. Such bonds will cover the entire cost of tuition and registration fees, as well as connected expenses, including books, accommodations, and living benefits.

Maybank Scholarship 2021


  • SPM Minimum 6A or equivalent.
  • Total family annual income not exceeding RM 150,000.
  • Experience in leadership in co-curricular activities.
  • No other scholarship or prize from other organizations or foundations must be granted to the applicant.

Category I

  • Full financial aid for education from pre-university/foundation studies to degree-level courses at both local and international institutions (tuition fees, laptop, accommodation, and living allowance).
  • Suite for Career Preparation (internships, business assignments, presentation impact, and effective communication).
  • Bonds are often issued for three to five years (varies according to schemes).

Category II

  • Assistance covering all costs of education from pre-university/Foundation studies up to degree-level studies at local institutions (tuition fees, laptops, housing, and living allowances).
  • The Professional Preparatory Suite (internships, business assignments, presentations that impact and communication skills).
  • No bond period.


Q: What developmental programs are offered by this scholarship?

Keep our academics engaged, aligned, and up-to-date on the most recent developments within the Maybank Group is our primary goal. Our pupils will participate in the following activities, which will be organized:

  • Workshops and Ambassador Programs are available.
  • Boot camps and team-building exercises are popular choices.
  • Community-based Learning is a term that refers to learning that takes place in a group of people’s community.
  • Engagement of Scholars with the EXCO/Senior Management.

Q: Does this scholarship also offer internships after completion?

Yes, the aim of this project will be to expose the scholars to the work-life experiences within the Maybank Group and prepare them to be readily employable.

Q: Does this scholarship also offer to fund?

Yes, in addition to providing full scholarships, we also provide financial support to cover the costs of books, accommodation, and living allowance, as well as the tuition and enrolment fees.

Q: For any query, how can you contact this scholarship program?

You can approach them by sending mail at [email protected]



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