International Summer Program Osaka University Japan 2021

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Overview of Osaka Summer Program

The International Summer Program 2021 at Osaka University is now accepting applications. This research internship is open to all foreign students enrolled in the Graduate School of Science. In addition, students studying in natural sciences and allied subjects are eligible to apply for the International Summer Program. In 2021, this summer internship programme will include an entirely funded research internship.

Online Program for 2021

The Graduate School of Science’s Foreign Summer Program is a competitive research internship for overseas students in the scientific fields. This year, the programme will be entirely online.

This year, you may learn more about the research being conducted in the six departments of the University of Osaka’s Graduate School of Science, as well as about Japan and Osaka in particular. This is an opportunity to learn more about the Program. Furthermore, the curriculum includes social activities to help students build positive relations at Osaka University. Students interested in participating in the GSS international diploma courses will also be given pertinent information. At the end of the session, GSS makes a commemorative contribution to each participant.

Features of International Summer Program

The biggest feature of this year’s Japanese summer programme is its complete online nature. Students from across the world can enroll in online summer programme for 2021 from the comfort of their own homes. Summer research internships in Japan will begin accepting applications online in 2021. This is a one-week internship opportunity for scientists.

The summer programme at Osaka University is largely for overseas students studying bachelor’s or master’s degrees at universities outside of Japan. ISP Japan is currently accepting applications from passionate science, technology, mathematics, and engineering students. Additionally, you can enroll for an entirely free online course with University of Maryland Certificates in 2021.

Information about Osaka University’s International Summer Program

  • Japan is an Asian country.
  • The host institution is Osaka University.
  • The online form of instruction
  • Students from other countries are encouraged to apply.
  • Duration of one week
  • The deadline for submissions is June 13, 2021.


Students participating in Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programmes outside of Japan who have a great interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are eligible to apply for this award.

Programme Duration

  • Osaka University is offering a one-week internet research internship beginning July 13 and through July 21, 2021.

Internship Benefits

  • Without charge
  • There is no cap on the number of participants.
  • One-week online internship
  • Departmental Internet Activities
  • Additionally, a cultural experience in Japan will be included.


  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Science of biology and medicine
  • Macromolecular science is a word that refers to molecular research.
  • Earth and Space Science

Eligibility Criteria

  • You must take on the role of an International Citizen.
  • Enrollment to a bachelor’s or master’s degree programme is required.
  • Candidates must be affiliated with one of the specified departments.

How to Apply for Osaka University’s International Summer Program

The International Summer Program at Osaka University is presently accepting applications. Therefore, international students from all over the world can register for an ISP online. The application’s official URL is listed below.

A specific method is followed while submitting an application.

To apply for the programme, first, fill out the registration form on the registration page.

Registration will be open from Thursday, May 13th through Sunday, June 13th, 2021.

The registration website can be accessed by clicking on the link provided below.

More particular information is provided in the second stage (by Monday 5 July 2021)

  • Step 2: Individual competitors will receive precise instructions on how to participate in the tournament through email.


NOTE: There are no extra fees to pay.


The following events are scheduled:

Registration will be open from Thursday, May 13th, until Sunday, June 13th, 2021, with a June 13th deadline.

You must submit all of your application papers to the registration site.

More particular details will be made available to the public on Monday, July 5, 2021. Individual competitors will receive precise instructions on how to participate in the competition through email.

The International Summer Program 2021 will take place from Tuesday, July 13, to Wednesday, July 21. It is available to students from all around the world. It is strongly advised that online participants attend the orientation event on July 13th (Day1). We’ll go over every detail of the programme in great detail. All students are welcome to attend departmental events, as well as social and cultural activities. You will be invited to the closing celebration, which will take place once the program is over.

NOTE: To provide a seamless participation experience, a strong network connection is essential.


Throughout the internship, Zoom will be used.

If you have any question, then contact on these contacts

Email address: [email protected]


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