How to choose the best school for your kid?

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Primary education in Lithuania is a particularly important period in every pupil’s life, not only because the first friendships and essential knowledge are formed here, but also because the pupil’s path to a creative and discovery life begins here. Certain things in life need to be chosen responsibly, and when language turns to the topic of educating its offspring, the decisions made must be the most logical and responsible. Although in the upper grades, students can decide for themselves whether they want to continue their education at the same school, or prefer to choose another institution, beginners are not yet able to make such decisions – they are chosen by their parents, so what should be the most important aspects?


The first teacher of a child, after his parents, is one of the most influential individuals in his life. Young students spend six to nine hours a day surrounded by teachers and classmates, so it’s no surprise that parents should pay special attention to the professionalism of the school staff, particularly the teachers, when selecting a school for their children. Almost all primary schools hold open days near the conclusion of the school year, during which students and their parents can meet members of the school community, potential teachers, and other professionals in person. It’s also a good idea to keep track of how many times teachers are required to communicate with parents and provide feedback on their child’s learning and development each year.


The curriculum and quality are the second most significant factors to consider when selecting a school for a beginning. Academic system should not only expose a child to learning, but also assist him or her in developing as a person., for instance, education is differentiated and individualized with a focus on the child.

However, not every school can claim to provide elementary education with these qualities, and it’s possible that the one nearest to your home won’t.


We all know how important a positive school atmosphere is for a student’s growth, but don’t choose a school purely on the basis of its appearance. The use of technology to vary students’ educational processes, widen their perspectives, do diverse research, or prepare works is more vital. It is critical to ensure that the little freshmen at school feel at ease and have access to a variety of additional skill-building opportunities, multipurpose places, and the opportunity to participate in sports. 


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