Why Reading books can be useful when learning Spanish?

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We should all already know the benefits of learning a new language. It’ll open many job opportunities, boost our career, help us improve our social skills and confidence, and enable us to discover new different cultures. These are just some of the pros that should make everyone want to learn an unknown tongue!

Although all languages have some merit, Spanish is one of the most chosen ones. The reasons are in plain sight: there are over twenty English-speaking countries around the world. According to the British Council, Spanish is the most necessary tongue to boost any student’s future career, giving them plenty of new opportunities and different possibilities.

Even though English is a very beautiful tongue, being the most spoken language on earth, with over one billion three hundred forty-eight million speakers, both as their mother tongue and as an acquired one. But there are many times when this might not be enough. Spanish is a very well-spread language across the world, it has some phrases and words that cannot be translated into our idiom, and some others that are specific to some particular situation.

Starting from scratch can be a complex and intimidating task if we are starting from scratch. In order to solve this, why not embark on a learning trip. to learn Spanish? Not only will we be learning a new language, but we will also be discovering what it means to live in Spanish alongside their culture, their people, and their day-to-day life.

Different ways of learning Spanish

It’s crystal clear that taking Spanish lessons Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Madrid or any other Spanish capital city will be a good idea. It’s also a perfect excuse to travel around and discover new locations! But we may still need some helps, so here are some other tips to help you.

A handy tool will be reading books. Although it might seem obvious and straightforward, this method will help improve our grammar while enjoying many wonderful and exciting stories and fantasies!

We can choose to dive into our favorite English classics, translated to Spanish, of course. But if we feel brave, we can start diving into the Spanish classical books, tales about brave knights fighting giants’ windmills, having fallen victim to their craziness and imagination, the famous “Don Quijote de la Mancha” by the author Miguel de Cervantes. Or the story of a family in America who goes around founding cities in these new lands, known as the “Cien Años de Soledad” by Garcia Marquez.

Though, if classical stories are not our cup of tea, there are plenty of modern writers with many different exciting histories. Jorge Luis Borges, Isabel Allende, Julio Cortázar, Dolores Redondo o Fernando Aramburu, are just a few of the most famous and our personal favorites!

The benefit of treading while learning Spanish

There is no shortage of studies that prove that speaking, writing, or reading a new tongue while learning dramatically improves the experiences and abilities of the student. All of these are caused thank to the improvement of the brain’s functions. A clear example of this would be memory capacity.

Starting from the base, reading is a very beneficial activity for learning any language. It helps us discover new words and improve our understanding and grammar. All this without mentioning the enjoyment and thrill of enjoying a good and engaging tale.

Now, let’s dive deeper and find out what are the real benefits of reading in Spanish:

  • It improves your vocabulary

While reading, you’ll discover new and different words and phrases that can be added to your arsenal of tools almost unconsciously.

  • It improves your spelling.

As is the case with English, the more you read, the more you’ll learn how to arrange or form different sentences or phrases. Thanks to this, you’ll also have an easier job while speaking too.

  • It improves your understanding.

Reading aloud is a very quick and efficient way of processing information since you use your eyes and your ears. This way, you’ll quickly learn the different sounds each word and phrase have.

  • It improves your attention

It doesn’t matter which tongue you are learning; reading is a great way to improve our understanding and attentiveness.

  • It improves our motivation.

Find you lack results, or you just don’t like the idea of studying altogether, a storybook can be the solution to your problem. The engagement we get on a good tale will help you spend more and more time practicing and learning new things in a friendly and easy way.

  • We will discover a new culture.

There is always a book for our taste and needs. A book of a particular region, or about different myths or history of a place. Whatever our need might be, all we need to do is look for it! There are so many that you won’t be able to decide which one to read first!

Spanish, a tongue to fall in love with

If it’s not already clear enough, Spanish is a language that has plenty to give. The so-called “tongue of love” can be a bit complicated, but it’ll win our hearts with its beautiful worlds and sounds.

If you want to improve your dexterity with a new language, this can be a great option for you. Some say that learning Spanish makes learning any other tongue easier, so who knows? It might be the stepping stone in your linguistic journey!

And best of all, don’t forget it’s a great excuse to travel around the world. A new language it’s not just words and sounds, it is also culture and people. Just take a leap of faith and dive deep into this beautiful, unique experience and culture. It will improve your career, and you’ll never regret it!


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