How Do You Know Which Earbuds Are the Best?

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The trend of earbuds. is increasing day by day, and so are the earbuds producing brands. There are plenty of options on the market, cheap, expensive, stylish, classics, branded, local, and whatnot. 

If you are struggling with what brand you should choose and what to look for in a pair of earbuds, keep reading. 

Below are some features that you should look for before buying the earbuds:

  •  The Noise Cancellation:

Check if the noise cancellation feature used by the company is up to date with modern technology or not. Most modern noise cancellation audio electronics have e cVc 8.0, so you should keep that in mind.  

  • Customization:

See how many things are under your control. Analyze how much of the sound you are listening to is actually according to your choice. The more you can customize, the better you’ll experience. 

  • Comfort and Battery:

Earbuds are something you are going to use all day. So you should check how much the company has tried to make the earbuds fit well in your ear and not feel heavy. 

For everyday use, a battery is important too. During the day, the case of the earbuds will be the charger, so verify that you can charge your earbuds 2-3 times with the case. 

  • Call Quality:

You are most likely going to use the earbuds to send and receive official and unofficial calls, so the quality of the calls should be good enough. The microphone, noise reduction, and transmission of voice, three of them should be satisfactory. 

These four things should be a must in earbuds. If you are looking for anything particular, then you should check for that too. 

We have listed below some options from SoundCore, which are modern technology-driven and budget-friendly too. 20 Grammy-winning artists have recommended the earbuds from SoundCore. 

  • Liberty Air 2 Pro:

These are noise-cancelling earbuds with personalized EQ. You can choose your environment from the SoundCore app and listen to the music in the way you want it. 

It is fueled by PureNote Driver Technology which adds 45% to your bass and 30% to the frequency bandwidth as compared to other drivers. 

It uses the exclusive HearID, which smartly analyses the pressure in your ears and then tailors the setup specifically for you. You can take complete control of your audio with the adjustable EQ. 

After charging once, you can use the earbuds for 7 hours. Moreover, you can get 3 recharges from the case. 

Halestorm, a Grammy-winning rock band, says about the pro:

“Whether you are listening to a new song you created or rocking out to your favourite music, you deserve to be able to hear every element of music in perfect clarity.” 

  • Liberty 2 Pro: 

These are the world’s first earbuds to use the “Astria Coaxial Acoustic Architecture’. This enables them to remove any kind of interference from the audio and leaves with pure sound. 

These are recommended by 10 Grammy-Winning producers because they are delivered in such a way that you can identify every instrument.

 You can play these for 8 hours and get 3 more recharges from the case. This also uses the HearID technology for better audio setup and the CVC 8.0 technology for noise reduction. 

Darrell Thorp, 9-Time Grammy-winning audio producer, said about Liberty 2 Pro that: 

“I was completely blown away. It was quite amazing”. 

  • Life P3i: 

These earbuds have an active noise cancellation feature along with 2 microphones which can eliminate the external sounds by 90 per cent. 

You get 22 different options in the customizable EQ on the SoundCore app. Moreover, you get clear calls enhanced by an AI algorithm. 


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