Sound Core Products: How They Are Better Than Others, And Why You Should Buy Them?

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The Soundcore provides you with versatility, quality, and value for your money, from headphones and speakers to sunglasses. Our products are endorsed by grammy-winning artists, YouTubers, and influencers.

But most importantly, we have the trust of our customers, fortunately, more than 20 million of them. Here is a sneak peek into the features of some of our products :

Liberty 3 pro Earbuds:

This is our most popular product. 20 Grammy-winning audio producers have recommended these earbuds, and their noise cancellation feature stands them out. Core Sound uses ‘HearID’ technology. 

This tailors the sound you are listening to according to your hearing. Everyone hears differently, so to give everyone a smooth listening experience, these earbuds do the job well. You can control the bass, treble, and many other features of the sound you’re listening to. 

Instead of doing the normal noise cancelling, they analyze the data of the environment inside and outside your ears and then optimize the sound. 

Along with optimizing the sound, they have an ergonomic shape that helps them fit into your ear. They come with ear tips of 4 different sizes to make them even easier to fit. 

You can wear them all day, and they’ll neither lose the grip nor make your ears tired. You don’t need to worry about the charging, as the charging lasts for 8 hours after a single charge. You can recharge with a USB-C cable or a wireless charger. 

Life Q30 Headphones:

If you prefer headphones over earbuds, then this is the product for you. It gives you a distraction-free music experience through its advanced noise cancellation feature. It sifts out the unwanted, distracting noise from your background. 

It makes the noise cancellation with 3 modes; Transport, Outdoor and Indoor. As the names show, they minimize transport noises (aeroplane engine noise, etc.), reduce wind noises, and lessen indoor noises, respectively. 

The headphones make you listen to all the intricate details of your music. Its crisp treble extends up to forty thousand hertz, which provides the best quality. These headphones can play music for up to 40 hours with noise cancellation. 

Flare 2 wireless speaker: 

It is a waterproof speaker with 12-hour battery life. It gives you the part perfect bass-driven audio. It has lights that shine along with the music, which makes it, even more party appropriate. 

You can customize the light with 6 different modes, which enable you to create the atmosphere of your choice. 

Soundcore frames harbour audio glasses:

These audio glasses give you a clear sound around your ears without blocking other sounds around you. They enable you to answer calls with privacy by simply tapping the audio temple. It has two microphones that receive your voice well. 

These are easy to carry yet stylish. You can detach the front frame and change them according to your preference. They’ll last for more than 5 hours after one charge. 

Trance Go: 

This is the ultimate party speaker with its massive sound, which can reach up to 98 decibels. It has a powerful bass that kicks the sound. It’s an outdoor speaker which is also waterproof, and you can use this speaker for 24 hours. 

All these products are economical as compared to the other brands. They provide you with better quality at reasonable prices. Sound core gives you the original core sorts through its products. 

They use the latest technologies to improve the hearing experience. Sound core uses the ‘HearID’ feature, which means that it analyzes how you hear and then gives you the best sound according to it. 



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