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The character mandala event is coming up, and we’re excited to offer you a chance for some me time. The party starts on June 4th at 12 PM EST! You’ll be able take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts so make sure not miss out by registering now before there are no more spots available
– Character Mandala Event Information.

You have a creative thought? Now is the time for you to unleash it! We’re coming up with an online session so that anyone can join from home. All we need are some enthusiasm and creativity – what will this workshop teach me? In Mandala Painting 101, I’ll learn about basic mandalic patterns like circles (the easier one) plus how tools work together in order create stunning paintings .

The art of tattooing has always been about expression. Now you can create your own tattoos with the help and guidance from experienced artists who have personally done this many times before! This is a beginners friendly workshop that anyone above 8 years old may participate in, so long as they bring their materials (including 1 A4 sheet 7 pencils 2 erasers 3 sharpeners 4 compasses 5 primer/paintbrushes 6 black ink).

To make your own drawing, start by choosing the size and shape of each part. You can use any type or color pen for this step! Then simply follow these instructions to complete it successfully: Draw a outline around all parts with whichever tool(s) you choose; next fill in between lines using colored ink (you might want shades that contrast well). Don’t forget about adding details like hair pin flowers on top while still leaving space beneath them so they stand out nicely against their surroundings – don’t be afraid if some things look too thick at first because once everything has been dry cleaned/fixed etc.,

Please note that the workshop is non- cancellable and cannot be rescheduled or refunded. You will, however receive a link to view it live on Zoom should you wish!
There are no gate fees for this event so come join us today from anywhere in Rwanda with an internet connection – we look forward seeing your face soon enough 🙂

This Sunday, August 9 from 4pm to 5:30 pm we’re hosting an exclusive Zoom event for kids! All ages welcome and there’s no fee. We’ll send you a unique link through the group so that your child can join us in our fun-filled session (we hope).Follow this link G-pay 7449088505.

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