Broken things can become Blessed things if you let God do the Mending

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God is the ultimate mender of all things. You have to bring what’s broken and allow Him, not only in your life. But also on an individual level with each one who needs His help; He will make it better again.

When life seems like it’s falling apart, there is an ultimate fixer who can put things back in order. You have to bring your brokenness and desolation towards God– He’ll heal you again with His own power if that’s what we want! Each one of us has many pieces which are sometimes not working as they should; however through faith everything becomes beautiful when given over into his hands (Psalm 37:23).

God can take all the broken pieces of your life and restore what seems bankrupt beyond repair. When you’re at one ends, He’s always there to help put things back together again; just let him walk through those doors with purposeful steps!
Ain’t nothing worth recycling anymore– Monetary value doesn’t exist without physical integrity or emotional stability ( billboardwords ). So why bother preserving these fades when they only seem damaged anyway? Give them an old-fashioned trash makeover before it gets denied disposal status by throwing away garbage instead.

Finding the Beauty in Brokenness.

Life is a complicated puzzle with many different pieces, some that fit together well and others not so much. Even when we strive to put the right ones in place they often times.  Don’t stay attached for very long before becoming loose or twisted out of shape completely lost sight of what’s important . Our future selves who are waiting on us getting everything right this time around!
I know life isn’t easy but it does get easier if you just give up trying . Because no matter how hard I try nothing seems worth all these struggles.

Life can be tough, and it’s not always easy to find the right pieces. But God has your back! He wants you whole again – with all of life’s ups-and downs intact so that one day he’ll show off his amazing work inatering them together as if they were never apart at all.

God can heal your brokenness. He has done it before and he will do so again, because you are his child worth mending after all! first though – let’s talk about how healing goes down in this story…

Finding the beauty in life takes some creativity and imagination. One might think that they have found their perfect match when actually, there is always more to explore on this earth!
A person can find a gentle stranger who smiles at them or offer help without expecting anything back other than maybe kindness in return; an interesting conversation with someone new could lead down unexpected paths which ultimately produce wonderful results – just ask any miner about his lucky day (or even hour!) spent working underground . It’s important not only look externally.

We all experience difficulties in our lives sometimes. But if you’re broken, it’s time to fix yourself before someone else can help! The best way not allow a failed life is by enabling the spirit of God shine through your struggle and give hope when there seems none left for oneself
A person who has been financially drained emotionally or physically may say they are “broke.”

We are under constant pressure to keep our heads above water, but we mustn’t let the waves of adversity break us. There will be moments when things do not go as planned and this can lead one down a dark path with negative thoughts that might last for days or weeks at time until they finally hit rock bottom where there is only pain imaginable; however, if you take deep breaths throughout these tough periods then it becomes easier because your body tells yourself different ways how best handle what’s happening inside/out without losing hope in oneself even though everything seems bleak right now.

Life is an adventure, not a murder mystery. You will have bad days and times where things don’t go your way but that’s okay because there are two options in life- you can either accept what happens or fight back against it by telling yourself to “wait and see.”

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