Black pen Art

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The black pen

it is the most basic tool for any artist. It does not have much going on in terms of features, but it lets you create lines and shapes with precision that will never go out-of-style!


Intricate projects

Black pen artworks are that require many hours of work to complete. There is usually a lot going on, so it’s important for the artist not only use their own materials but also add some flair with other colors or designs.
A good example can be seen in this piece by Jelena Stojanovic: https://www-artbyspecimens&lg=en_US

Even if you’re not an artist, the black pen is a must-have in your pocket. It’s so simple and easy to use – just draw some lines! With this tool on hand at all times I recommend that everyone invests their money into buying one because there aren’t many features but they will always be able get what they need from it: perfectionism delivered straight up with no fluff or flourish required whatsoever

Invest in the perfect score, because you deserve it!

  • Even the most simple of tools, the black pen, can create true art.

    While I was working at a desk job, I first began exploring the potential of the black pen because it was the only thing available. However, my drawings never grew bigger than A4 sketches. Having worked in Harnas Wildlife Sanctuary in Africa, I felt like a small sketch would not be sufficient to describe the images that I wanted to share with you. It wasn’t long after my first illustration “Genesis” was born that I moved up to A1 size illustrations.

  •   It is generally agreed that stylus, metalpoint and pen with ink were considered fine line media during the Renaissance, as opposed to charcoal and chalk which were considered as broad line media. Leonardo Da Vinci, a virtuoso draughtsman, demonstrated this precise effect in his work Five Grotesque Heads, which can be found in the Royal Library of Windsor Castle.

Just a few pieces of equipment are required if you’re just getting started with ink drawings  black pen art. This discipline tends to have a lower entry price than painting, so it’s a good choice for artists who are just beginning their creative journey or who are looking to sharpen their drawing skills. You’ll need the following to get started:

What are the Differences Between the Types of Pen Available?

  • Since there are so many different types of artists’ pens available today.  It is sometimes difficult to pick the right one for you. Especially if you are just starting out! We’ll take a look at a few of the different types of pens we have in our shop.  As well as explain what qualities they impart to pen and ink drawings.

    • You can begin practicing these techniques on simple geometric shapes if you’re just starting out. Start by using a cube and figure out how light and shadow will affect each of the faces. Use the techniques outlined above to translate this contrast in dark and light into a drawing.hniques above.
    • As you gain confidence, try rendering more complex objects. To understand how light and shadow appear in a real-life setting, it can be useful to draw these objects from life. Capture things like mugs and glasses.


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