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. Zentangle art is an interesting form of expression that encourages the practitioner to explore their creativity and imagination. The practice involves drawing shapes on paper with criss-cross lines. Cultivating depth perception through lattice work while paying attention. To perspective along every line’s length in order for it all make sense. When connected together at some point later down the road. . Who’ve tried this style out as similar feeling.  Like playing with dynamics rather than just painted images or illustrations.

Zentangle is a fun, creative form of art in which the practitioner explores their creativity and imagination.

When two layers are connected together, they may eventually form a third layer. As this process happens–which has been compared favorably by many people.  Who’ve tried it as similar feeling like playing with dynamics rather than just painted images or illustrations .

Zentangle is a type of creative art in which intricate shapes are drawn on paper with cranes. The name zen means “to connect” and tangler means.  “Someone who draws these types drawings.”
The process starts by laying down one simple outline. That forms the basis for your drawing before adding details like shading or color application.  Along its outlines while connecting various parts together using various lines.  At specific angles as well making sure there isn’t any gaps between individual strands . So they can appear seamless when finished product finally reveals itself.  After being hidden away under layers upon additional coats until it’s ready to go live again.

Thoughtful, delicate doodles in various shapes and sizes.

The zigzags that make up the wings of this butterfly remind us to.  Be mindful while we go about our day-to Fifth Avenue style!.

Zentangles are miniature abstract works of art created by combining patterns.

A pencil and a black pen are typically used to make a 3 1 2″ x 3 1 2″ paper “tile.” Because the tiles are small, they can be completed relatively quickly. “Zen” refers to the fact that it can be a relaxing and meditative experience.

Those who Zentangle use a variety of patterns that Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas created. As artists are invited to make whatever patterns they feel are appropriate, these are not prerequisites.

Artwork can be any size and color can be added (they just call it by a different name).

I am just beginning to experiment with this process and learning what kinds of patterns work for different spaces. The students were eager to try this art, and oh my, did they ever take off! I am still very, very bad at this, but I’m getting better!

  • Most Zentanglers use their initials as their signature, and place them at the bottom right hand corner of their Zentangle. You can add a title and a date to the back of your Zentangle as well.

    • Let’s start with the basics, and you can go from there. If you have time, please send us some examples and let us know how it goes.

      Happy Zentangling!

      Let me remind you of what we have been working on so far. In addition to doing them at school, students are also doing them at home.

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