4 Online Gamers To Inspire You

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Online gaming has been around for decades but the recent rise of streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube has brought more attention to the personalities that play them. This is because 45% of those who game frequently stream their matches. Many enthusiasts also turn their passion into a career through professional play, meaning many online gamers have thrust themselves into the public eye in one way or another.

With the many personalities that have garnered attention because of online gaming, there’s no shortage of people that can serve as great role models. Here are just a few of the many that can inspire you in more ways than one:

Rachell Hofstetter

Popularly known as Valkyrae or Rae, Rachell Hofstetter has been breaking barriers and exceeding expectations within the streaming world where she plays online games like Among Us and Valorant. Not only is she succeeding in a male-dominated industry, but she also proves that with hard work and determination, anything is possible. However, her career took a hit last year when she received backlash for her investment into RFLCT – a skincare company that turned out to be a scam. Our past discussion on the ‘Tips to Become a Good Investor’ explains that investors should always be open to learning from their mistakes since markets are always unpredictable and changing. Valkyrae proves she is exactly that by taking the controversy in stride and admitting she has a lot to learn when it comes to business. She built her career from the ground up, showing everyone that women are just as capable as their male counterparts.

Tom Dwan

Tom Dwan is a poker player that primarily participates in online Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker tournaments. Starting his career as a teenager, he wasn’t taken too seriously within the community due to his age. Since then, however, Dwan has made a name for himself, cementing his status as a pro with a net worth of $10 million. He decided to pursue a career in gaming during his short stint at Boston University where he was studying engineering. Dwan realized that with practice, his natural talent could flourish into something bigger – and he was right. He serves as an inspiration that you’re never too young to take life into your own hands and pursue your passion.

Angie Hardy

Another online card player, Angie Hardy gained popularity for being a self-made blackjack pro. At 30 years old, she was a single mom struggling to financially support her two daughters and decided to try her hand at gaming. She taught herself tips and tricks and over time, her amateur skills quickly turned into cutthroat plays, earning her the nickname of “Angie Moneymaker.” Since then, she has participated in a few iterations of the World Series of Blackjack. Hardy and her story of success show that it is never too late to not only learn a game but also be successful at it.

Sweet Anita

There aren’t many online gamers that are open with their battle with chronic illnesses but the ‘Tourette’s Queen of Twitch’ Sweet Anita is trying to change that. Primarily known for playing Overwatch and Apex Legends, Anita has gone viral in different communities for her different tics– a symptom of her condition. She isn’t letting her illness stop her from entertaining people despite initially being scared that the platform might ban her or that people might get offended by her tics. But Twitch mods have been kind and encouraging, creating a safe space so more people like Anita can grow into streamers. Sweet Anita shows that despite physical limitations, passion and support are all one needs to succeed


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