Widowmaker vs Minigun in GTA Online: Which gun is better and why?

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In a game where the biggest, most powerful guns rule the yard. Players must be able to handle them early on in GTA Online. Whether or not he jumps inside Free mode and takes part any of several opposing regimes/Death matches will need solid workloads for survival against other opponents with equally sharp weapons
In order words: You’re going up against folks who have got your back if they’re also strong enough themselves!

GTA also does not disappoint when it comes to reckless violence and excessive weapons. The player has a wide range of guns to choose from, all shapes sizes colors!

There are two large rifles that stand out in GTA Online – the Mini gun and Widower. These beasts can be largely similar.They still have some differences worth noting before choosing which one you want to use!
The first thing we should mention about these monsters of guns is their size. While both shoot very fast with an unlimited amount (or nearly so) rounds per minute.  There’s more than meets eye here as well… The MInFIRe weapon has been found not only by us here at Yoyo reloading guide Service . But also through various other online sources across YouTube channels etc.  Where people often upload videos showing off engagements between rival gang members . Even military forces fighting against them.

Widower or Minigun in GTA Online?


The Minigun is one of the most powerful weapons in GTA, and it’s easy to see why. These large machine guns can fire bullets at speeds faster than any other gun on offer with each shot making quite an impact!

If you find yourself surrounded by heavily-armored enemies, try backing away and shooting from afar. The Minigun will tear through their armor like it’s nothing but paperrimp; just stay back until they’ve been taken care of or use a vehicle to escape!

The gun is the ultimate weapon that can be used against enemies. This because it never needs charging and has an unlimited amount of rounds (9999). If you maximize your stats, then there are no more bullets in this world!  While the Minigun is a great weapon for playing GTA Online, it comes at the expense of your mobility. Since you can’t sprint or jump while equipped with this gun and given how vulnerable its user becomes without being able to roll away from danger–they’ll be an easy target in-game!


  1. No recharging
  2. High speed fire
  3. Decent damage


  1. No stealth rolls
  2. Significantly slows down the device


The Widower is a plasma-powered four barrel variant of the Minigun with similar rate firing and ammunition capacity. It has lower rates compared to its six barreled counterpart because this newer weapon was designed for special forces units who needed less firepower but still loved coming up vertically on enemies without having them see you first!
Widowmaker is a space-themed Minigun with the same type of ammunition and devastating impact on enemies.
The Widowmaker is a more expensive version of the Minigun. It costs $ 499,000 but can be bought at level 120 instead of having to wait until you reach that point in time for it.[1]
The huge difference between these two weapons ultimately comes down mostly due from their respective prices: one on Amazon Prime ($48 vs 47) and another via GTA Online shop (600 sprees/$). What sets them apart though? Well – while both require purchase before playing through story mode missions or other activities requiring high powered weaponry like Heist Jobs; The big kicker here lies within unlocking .


  1. High speed fire
  2. Decent to vehicles and aircraft
  3. Unlocked at the beginning of the game


  1. Very expensive
  2. Low mobility (without roll and sprint


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