The Party Game Where You Compete to Make Corny

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I’ve always wanted to play a game where you have no idea what the other person is going say. You just need one guess and then they’re history!. This new party favorite is called “Laugh Lose.” It’s great for when friends come over because after every joke, your job. As winner of this round gets easier with more points being given out each time someone laughs . At their own corniest attempt ever made aboard . Even if it wasn’t that good in beginng but becomes exponentially .  Until finally exploding into total absurdity once all restrictions are lifted-

How to play

The game is so easy that even a non-native English speaker can understand! Each player starts every round with 3 Joke Cards and 1 Delivery Card in hand. Make your friends laugh by delivering the joke on your own personal funny tone using any voice or sound effects from this list:
The best part about being an international humorist? You get to tell people all over what’s happening at home, without worrying too much if they’ll get it since most of us don’t speak Viking (or whatever language fills up their dreams). Get creative – there are no rules here except for making sure everyone has lotsa laughs while playing through rounds together.

Laughing is the best way to make your team mates laugh and win points. If they are able hold their laughter in, then you’ve won that round for them! The team with most laughs at end of game wins it all.

Live Laugh Lose

This game contains mature content and is designed for ages 17+. Encouraged to be played with 2+ playeRS

Ready for a laugh? This party game will have your friends in stitches with corny jokes from the world’s corniest person! Every bad joke card is partnered up by an even worse delivery method. For example, you might have to read this one out loud like Siri.
“What’s the difference between water and tea?” “You can drink either.”A no-bell prize has been invented for the person who came up with knock-knock jokes! Your team scores if anyone on opposing teams laughs. Bad joke makers will always be funnier, thanks to What Do You Meme?

Join the competition and laugh your head off while competing against friends, family members or coworkers. This comedy game will make them LAUGHT!

You know how to play “The Game”? Well, now there’s a new twist. You get 3 joke cards with different jokes on them and one delivery card for each player in possession of such things – but only one that tells you exactly what kind of laughter your victim will emit if made laugh by this particular set-up! If they’re able hold back their chuckles long enough before letting loose then it’ll be considered an instant win because no other person can’ve possibly enjoyed themselves more than him/herself while doing so…at least until somebody else gets wind ol’ laughs from somewhere nearby which ruins all chances at victory via point splitting strategy 😉 The team left standing after 24 hours wins.


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