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Electric bikes are a great innovation to traditional bikes. With an exceptional electric motor but similar health results, these bikes made their place in the massive world of transport. They take you to longer rides while saving you from aches and physical exhaustion. 

The smooth experience with less effort on these bikes convinces people to switch from cars to Ebikes. Thus, these assist in making the environment pollution-free and the air healthy to breathe.

Watsky Pro eBike from Lasoos

In this stressful era, who does not want to relax? So isn’t it a good idea to take a day out from the busy schedule of the whole week and go out cycling? It will relieve stress and make you ready for the challenges of the upcoming week. If you are also planning to switch to this healthy lifestyle, then a bike is necessary. We recommend the Fatsky Pro E-bike from Lesoos Ebike. Why choose this? Here are the reasons:

Watsky Pro EBike Features

  • It is built-in with a 500W powerful motor, whereas the Arcsky Ebike from Lesoos has a battery of 350W. Its 15mph speed assists you in reaching any place faster. 
  • Its battery can be removed easily. It charges in less than 5 hours and takes you to 25 miles( pure electric) per charge. You can check whether the battery is fully charged or not with the help of its LED battery charging indicator. The battery is placed in a rigid plastic shell to ensure your protection.
  • Its suspended Seatpost and locking device give you the best sit-on experience. 
  • To help you see at night, this bike has powerful dual lights. 
  • Moreover, it can bear approximately 150 kilograms of weight so that you can carry needed luggage with you. 
  • The integrated racks allow you to connect baskets easily that carry the cargo from one place to another. 

You can use this bike for mountain rides, but it is also perfect for everyday use. Its features prove so. 

Folding Fat Tire eBike- Lasoos Fatsky

To keep you away from the difficulties of off-road rides, Lasoos has designed a folding fat tire electric bike. It has 4-inch flat tires that ensure a smooth riding experience in the countryside. 

Every time you travel on bumpy, broken ground, it will give you more power. The traction and stability are enhanced due to its fat tires. 

MTB eBike – Lasoos Fatsky Pro

It is a 26-inch budget-friendly bike from Lasoos Fatsky Pro. It has a double shake absorber, Shimano 7 speed, 35 miles range(pedal assist), and three working modes. The bike has more durability and adaptability due to its 26*4.0 fast tires. Such light bicycles promote fast driving. So what are you waiting for? Immediately grab your favorite MTB Ebike.

Cruiser Electric Bike- Lasoos Arcsky

For a classic street riding experience, the bike can be more suitable than an electric cruiser bike. It has a 360Wh battery, brushless motor, dual shock absorbers, Shimano 7 speed, dual lights and brakes, and three working modes. Its 12-magnet high-resolution cadence sensor eases you from starting and stopping it. A key is equipped with a battery to keep it safe from stealing. 

So you can charge it anywhere anytime without any fear of its safety. Stay informed about the speed, power, and mileage by taking a stance over its multifunction backlit display. One of the prominent features of Arcsky Ebike is that it has a foot pedal that can be folded, replaced, and dismantled anytime. Moreover, it has extreme durability.  



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