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This post discusses the background of Smartbyte Drivers and Services. It is not uncommon for your Dell laptop computer to suddenly slow down. Perhaps this is caused by Smartbyte, which usually runs in the background. Can I disable Smartbyte? The responses can be found in this post on techblitz.

Understand The Background Of Smartbyte Drivers And Services and How to Remove It

In this article, we will discuss Smartbyte drivers and services;

Drivers and Services for Smartbyte

Is Smartbyte necessary? You might wonder. The Smartbyte drivers and services automatically detect when you are streaming a video and provide the best connection for your device.

When using Intel or Realtek cordless chips, the utility is normally enabled by default. You need a new Dell system like the Inspiron 27 7000 or higher to get it.
Windows 10 may run slowly on some Dell laptops. This post will explain how to solve the problem so you don’t need to worry about it. If needed, you can also contact Miami Dade Animal Services.

Do You Required It

You can view the following article if you don’t want Smartbyte and want to remove it if it’s preinstalled on your Dell PC.

The Best Way to Get Rid of It

Here’s how to get rid of Smartbyte telemetry on your Dell laptop.

Getting Rid of Smartbyte Drivers and Services

Adobe Genuine Software Stability can be disabled in Services. To do that, follow these steps:
In the Research box, sign the services to destroy them. Match the Standard level next.

Select Properties from the right-click menu of Smartbyte Drivers and Services.
Make sure Startup Type is set to Disabled under the General tab. Drivers and services from Smartbyte are now disabled. You should also check out Primica Shareholder Services.

Smartbyte drivers and services should be removed from Job Manager

Smartbyte Drivers and Services can also be disabled in Job Manager. Here’s how:
Click the Browse button and type Job Manager.

Click on Smartbyte Drivers and Services and discover it. Select Open file location.
Return to the Job Supervisor window after opening the Smartbyte Drivers and Services file.
Use the right-click menu to end the job. It will delete the Smartbyte folder. Smartbyte will no longer be accessible.

Eliminate Smartbyte Drivers and Services in Control Panel

In Control Panel, you can uninstall Smartbyte Drivers and Services. This method is still available in Windows 10. Here’s how:

Choose Control board from the search engine results after typing control panel in the search box.
Click Programs and Functions to continue.
Right-click the unwanted software and select Uninstall.


SmartByte is a traffic optimization software developed by Webroot Software. It helps to reduce Internet congestion and its main focus is to optimize data transmissions via P2P programs. Before you decide to uninstall SmartByte, please make sure that this service does not help you with anything. Because it can seriously decrease your Internet connection speed. Smartbyte connects itself into popular apps like BitTorrent or eMule in order to monitor downloading activities on your PC. Applications are allowed through the firewall only when the ratio of uploading vs downloading exceeds specific levels (usually 4:1). If one tries to download more than upload, all his/her bandwidth will be firstly allocated.  For uploading during certain time periods before allowing download again. However, take note that othersistance.


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