Top 5 Must-Read Books to Kick-off Self-Awareness!

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We all around chant about love, but where do you learn it? You unlearn the process of hate and let go your wounds. Do not believe that were born in love; yes we are! Then why did our upbringing introduce us to a few processes which sink deep into our mind-heart complex causing fear and confusion because they’re unfamiliar territory for most people who have grown up learning these things as fact rather than understanding them on an intellectual level like I had done before reading hi lo books or talking with others wiser than myself…
We need only open ourselves up fully enough (and be willingness)

● The Untethered Soul – The journey

beyond yourself

Who are you? Michael Singer asks in this book. Do not look outside yourself for an answer, because it’s right inside of us all along – and he’ll show how to find our true self through exploring memories from the past year as well as looking at life with new eyes now that we’re older than before!

● The Artist’s Way – A spiritual path to higher creativity

Julianne Cameron has discovered the secrets to success and presents them in her new book, “Rediscover Your Full Potential.” This program will help you take control of your life by hacking away at old habits that keep us from true happiness; it’s like a 12-week journey towards higher awareness!

● Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone 

One of the best books I have read in my life. It’s so eye opening and insightful, not to mention motivational!.  This quote really stuck with me. True belonging isn’t something you negotiate; it lives inside us.” We are always evolving but this book helped me understand.  Wy we need breaks from our daily grind sometimes too . Just as longs they don’t last forever.

● Manuscript Found in Accra 

Find your way to self-awareness with this book! The Alchemist is a story about Santiago, who travels through life and finds answers in himself. You’ll be able understand what it means for one person’s perspective on fear.  When they’re faced by different obstacles throughout their journey- . How each obstacle provides an opportunity at growth…

A great read that will help you grow as well!.

● Alchemy 365: A Self-Awareness Workbook 

Brenda Marroy’s masterpiece is a journey through 12 months worth of insights and advice for living an examined life. Each month has its own purpose, but they’re all designed around one goal: teaching you how to find fulfillment in your every moment! If we had only this book on our nightstands or underlined passages within reach at any time when feeling stuck…

Twelve different chapters with valuable wisdom about ourselves – what motivates us? How do obstacles become opportunities?”

Modern Pyschology magazine, USA

“There is an old saying that the longest journey you will ever take is the one within yourself. For those who are always looking for inspiration and affirmation about how to grow their self-esteem and find fulfillment in every moment of everyday life, this book is a must read.”

“The best gift you could give yourself at this point in time may well be Twelve Months of Fulfillment …Once you start reading, it’s hard to put down.”

Miz Meliz magazine – Canada.

“A really practical guidebook through life lessons that can help us improve our lives around us.”

Eureka magazine – Indonesia.


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