Tips to Gain More Instagram Followers in 2022

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2022 is an excellent year to boost your presence on Instagram. As you may know, despite the popularity of other social media platforms, Instagram still has its position to be one of the most famous networks used today.

Many people say it’s tough to be famous on Instagram, and we understand why. Today, more and more people join the platform, creating content that is sometimes hard to call an original concept. The competition doesn’t show a sign of stopping; and looking for a way to increase followers becomes somewhat trickier.

But you don’t have to worry about it anymore. We’ll provide you with some tips to gain more followers in 2022. Let’s go straight to the first one: 

Tips to Gain More Instagram Followers in 2022

There are several things you can do to increase your popularity on Instagram. Some of them are:

1. Make Use of The Instagram Reels

Have you ever heard about Instagram Reels? Reels are a new medium to create content on Instagram by combining music, pictures, and videos altogether to be one solid and entertaining medium for the audience. This new feature is the way to get more free Instagram followers. The reason? Instagram always promotes its new features in the best way possible. At the same, they will highlight all the users, no matter how popular they are, who use the new features, including Reels.

So, by using this feature, you’ll have an opportunity to appear on others’ Reels page. If your content is entertaining enough, you’ll get more followers quickly!

2. Use All The Features

Although Reels is one of many of Instagram’s new additions, it doesn’t mean you are limited to only using Reels to share your content. Remember, Instagram has Stories, Feeds, and also Highlights. Use these three additional elements to gain more exposure.

Follow what’s suitable and the proper format, and try your best to make an entertaining piece of content. You can put your focus on Reels, but don’t ever forget the other things too.

3. Do A Regular Posting

One real truth is that the audience likes to be updated, no matter what they are or when they use the platform. As a brand or a persona, surely you also want to maintain your followers and gain new ones.

A way to do so is by doing a regular post. Create your best content and post them daily on a schedule. Set it up during the best time of your Feeds, which you can easily check using the tools provided by Instagram. Doing this may net you the first 100 free Instagram followers. See the best day and time to post your content, make a schedule, and ensure to complete the schedule as intended. The content doesn’t have to be always informative, although it’s better that way. 

Always create posts that are relevant to your audience. And since they follow you for a reason, make sure to fulfill what they want by creating suitable content for them.

4. Engage with your audience

Although using Reels can be an effective way to gather at least some number of new followers, what’s important is to keep your audience feeling engaged by interacting with them. These are the real people who love you. So before trying to use the Instagram followers increase app, like Ins Followers, we recommend you to befriend your followers, not look down on them.

See followers as your friends, people to be respected, loved, and cared for. 


Some people have successfully made their fortunes on Instagram, and if you want to experience the same thing, focus on one thing: your content. Try to create the best and most relevant content for your audience and keep them engaged by replying to their comments and mentioning them in a post. If you have fans who truly love you, your brand will succeed eventually.


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