The major difference between a programmer and a software developer

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A computer programmer is a skilled professional that codes, tests, debugs, and can support the comprehensive instructions that the computer programs that devices should follow to enable them to execute their functions. A programmer is someone who writes codes that helps to tell the computer or any other device what to do. 

A software developer is also a software coder. They build computer applications, they write, debug and execute the source of the code in the computer application. Developers are also specialized in specific sets of programming languages. Software developers may also be involved with structuring and developing software core for building software programs.

A computer programmer builds or creates based on the idea of someone else’s design parameters. They use multiple programming languages to help test out errors and make sure that the written codes are functional. 

A software developer’s job starts by communicating with users to analyze their needs. They use the information to create and test software usually in the context of solving user problems. A Ukrainian software developer plays a key part in all software applications. Ukrainian software developers are primarily tasked with writing codes, they also gather requirements for software architecture, software documentation, and other related software development processes. 

A computer programmer is also a programmer, coder, or software engineer. They conceptualize, design, and test the logical structures that they use in solving computer issues. There are specific computer languages that programmers use, they include C, C++, Java, PHP, NET, etc. this language is used to help convert the program designs that are developed by the software developers or the system architects into instructions that the computer will easily follow. 

Ukrainian software developers are recognized as IT professionals globally, this is because of their solid technical expertise background, high English proficiency, and great knowledge of the discipline.

A programmer is capable of having expertise in multiple fields, such as databases, web development, among others. Depending on the programming skillset, and the area of expertise, they may decide to specialize in the different parts of programming. Specialized programmers focus on one type of programming while general programmers write code for many types of software.

Programmers are usually classified into different types

  1. Application programmers: they simply perform coding to help in the management of certain tasks, which can be coding a program to check inventory within a company 
  2. System programmers: they write programs that help to support computer system software which includes operating system (OSS), database management systems 
  3. AI/ Machine Learning Engineers 
  4. Game programmers 
  5. Mobile developers: they write applications for mobile phones, tablets, and other devices.

A developer is also responsible for tasks such as:

  1. Development 
  2. Research
  3. Software design
  4. Writing documentation and specs 
  5. Maintenance 
  6. Core implementation 
  7. Testing software 
  8. Analysis.

Excelling as a programmer 

A programmer should be able to write clear and logical code, edit and read code written by others, aside from having strong foundational knowledge in computer science. A good programmer should have debugging skills which they need when there is malware, the programmer needs to source out the root of the problem. They must also have a good team spirit to work well with others, learn from mistakes, and constantly improve crafts.

Excelling as a software developer 

To become a successful software developer, you need to be a good programmer, understand how to read and write code. Being a great and skillful programmer is a needed skill to becoming a developer. A developer is also encouraged to have soft skills and project management skills aside from coding skills. 

Difference between a programmer and software developer:

Scope of work 

While the scope of work with a programmer and a software developer may be closely related, the job profiles, and their career choices, greatly differ.

The key difference between a programmer and a software developer is their scope of work. Programmers have a limited capacity; they are limited to coding when compared to a software developer who is involved in the full scope of the job. 


The technical skill that a programmer would need is the coding languages, Microsoft, JavaScript, SQL, Net programming, while the technical skill that a software developer is required to have are jQuery, HTML5, Hypertext Preprocessor, and JavaScript. 

Salaries and the outlook

Computer programmers as of 2017, earned a median annual income of about $82,240 according to BLS, but programmers that work for software publishers earn more with a median wage of $9700. There is an expected 7 percent decline of programmers by 2026, due to companies that will contract programmers overseas. 

Software developers in latin america earned a median of $101,790 in 2017, the job outlook for software developers is expected to grow rapidly, it has been projected to a 24 percent increase by 2026 which would give room for over 300,000 new jobs. 


A programmer is one side of software development because a software developer is a large system development that involves different engineering practices.


A programmer tends to always work alone, but a software engineer is an element of a bigger team.


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