Small steps helpful in Igniting and Sustaining the Spark of Creativity in Students

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Creativity is one of the most important characteristics found in every successful person. Yet, it is a quality which can be elusive at times. It is often seen that the harder we try to be creative the more it seems to elude us. Whether you are an author who has yet again suffered a writer’s block, or a student who is looking for creative ways to understand the concepts taught to them at school, creativity is needed by one and all. Inspiration can be a great tool for fostering creative thinking in the students. Educators should try to boost student morale by sharing motivational quotes for students and inspiring life lessons or real-life instances with them. 

Creative thinking is an integral quality which the modern student should possess in order to do well in their life once they grow up. In their application for teaching job, educators should state some ideas about how they intend to foster creativity in their students so that they are able to think and analyze the concepts of their subjects in a multi-dimensional manner. There are some simple ways however, by following which the students can themselves ensure that their creativity level remains at a high throughout the day. Educators should try to persuade the students to include these practices in their daily routine in order to maximize their potential for creative thinking. Here are some simple ways in which anyone can ensure that they remain optimally creative throughout the day. So, without further ado, let us begin….


Writing in the morning-

This is a great tool for helping the students in unlocking their reservoir of creativity. It brings clarity and a sense of direction in their lives and also helps them in increasing their productivity. For this to work, the students should try to write up to three pages about any subject by hand, first thing in the morning. You can write on virtually any subject, the only condition being that you should try to write continuously. Even if you are bored and can’t think of any topic to write on, you can write about that too. Make sure that you keep your writings to yourself as only then you will truly write anything which might be on your mind without any fear of judgement, which is very important for this practice to be successful in achieving its intended outcome. This exercise will act as a brain drain and will help the students in getting rid of all the anxiety, fears and distractions which could otherwise prevent them from having a highly creative and productive day. 


Going on Artist Dates-

Now, this may sound a bit fanciful, but one doesn’t need to be an artist to go on an artist date. In fact, it is one of the best ways of fostering creative thinking in any individual, including students. An artist date is basically a once-a-week, solo adventure which one takes just for having fun. Students are likely to find themselves and become their own best friend when they include the practice of artist dates in their regimen. 


Taking a Walk-

Walks are yet another way of attaining clarity of mind which is an important element of creativity. They help you commune with your own ideas and thoughts. You need not take a walk daily but try to go for at least a 20-minute walk, two times a week. During this walk be sure to avoid any distractions which may interfere with the clarity of your thoughts. If possible, leave your smartphone at home and go out with a single aim of walking for the sake of it and not for running an errand. 



Prayer is not required to be directed towards a particular deity. It is just a means to connect with the creative power outside oneself. Praying can sound and feel different to different students but the practice of praying leads us all towards a free and calm mind. Educators should encourage the students to pray more and be more grateful. This will definitely help in boosting the creative power of their students. 


Creativity is a quality which is always in high demand. The more the merrier. By following the steps outlined in this article, most people shall see a tremendous increase in their level of creativity within a short span of time.


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