Small Bathroom Layout Tips and Ideas to Give Your Space Some Charm

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One of the more difficult rooms to decorate is a small bathroom because of the limited amount of square footage, minimal natural light, and large number of fixtures that must be crammed into the space. When it’s done well, however, the entire space takes on a more open and airy feel. And no, cutting a hole in the wall won’t set you back a million bucks.

Here are some tried-and-true ways for making the most of even the tiniest (and in some cases, windowless) of bathrooms. The next place you find yourself loving could be your newly decorated, but not renovated, small bathroom.

Add Mirrors

Adding a full-length mirror to a small space can make it seem like twice as much larger. Mirrors can look great above the vanity or even down and entire wall in the bathroom. Additionally, mirrors are excellent light reflectors, allowing you to gain more light from your existing light fixtures or windows.

Wall-Mounted Toilets

In a small bathroom, a wall-mounted toilet can free up valuable floor space and give you more room to stretch out your legs. If you can’t mount your toilet to the wall, give yourself some more storage space by installing shelves over the tank or expanding your sink’s vanity to provide a little ledge.

Frameless Glass Panels

To be frank, nobody really like using a shower curtain. They are annoying since they tend to cling to your body while you’re in the shower and are difficult to remove. Curtains in the bathroom can visually separate part of the space, but you can avoid this problem by installing a glass panel without a frame in the shower. Your bathroom will feel more larger and brighter as a result of this change.

Small Sinks or Floating Vanities

Wall-mounted sinks, like wall-mounted toilets, can free up valuable floor space and give the illusion of greater room in a compact bathroom. You might install a floating vanity on the wall if you need extra space for storing things. Keep an eye out for sinks with a slim edge and narrow sink designs. The ceramic is as sturdy as it would be in a standard sink, and you get a much bigger sink in the same amount of room.


It’s a good idea to install shelves on the wall over the toilet, next to the tub, over the doorway, and over the mirror in the bathroom. The use of tall, open shelving will help the space feel more open. Towel racks made of metal are also useful. When shopping for cabinets, try to get ones with transparent doors. Towel bars and robe hooks can be mounted on the back of a door, which is often overlooked.

If your bathroom is on the small side and you’re worried that your house won’t get any offers when you put it on the market, these tips should at least give the illusion of there being more space–renovations non needed!


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