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Oral contraceptives are a common form of birth control, but they can have some side effects. One major concern with oral medication is gaining weight and developing diabetes–which would be very serious if left untreated! In addition to these woes you may also experience depression or insulin resistance as well depending on how your body responds while using it. Luckily there’s help available for us; read below about what we recommend doing when suffering from PCOD/PCOS due SIDE EFFECTS OF BIRTH CONTROL PILLS IN PCs

Why Do Birth Control Pills Cause Side Effects?

Birth control pills raise the levels of estrogen in a woman to unnatural highs, which can lead to unwanted side effects. These include headaches and mood swings from not having enough progesterone or testosterone; acne due an increase on your skin’s oil production (which happens when you take them for extended periods); weight gain caused by increased appetite during that time frame as well!
– Birth Control Pills Create Hormonal


Some women experience nausea in the first few months after starting their birth control pill. This unpleasant side effect usually passes within three months, but it may get worse if you take your medication on an empty stomach or with food blocking some of its effectiveness
This is one way that taking this drug produces unwanted results!. Most doctors advise against eating before consuming Trinepad (isn’t there always?) which can amplify these feelings and lead to puffy eyes due t o translations being blocked by proteins found only at higher levels among humans’ digestive systems.

Soreness In Breasts :

One of the side effects that can happen after you stop taking birth control pills is breast tenderness. This happens because it takes time for your body’s hormones to disappear and for everything else in between, including swelling from engorged arterioles or fatty tissue formation around nerves ending up where they’re not supposed too (like on our faces). To help with this pain – which may be severe at first but usually lessens over weeks/months- wear a supportive bra when possible; drink plenty water daily instead salt intake.


The most common side effect of the pill is headaches. They typically start within a month and can resolve with time once your body.  It, depending on which hormones are being used in each tablet you take.

Diabetes :
There have been cases where non-diabetic women . Developed diabetes through long term use of oral contraceptives.

Weight Gain :
Long-term use of contraceptive Pills was found to increase weight significantly in PCOS women.

Risk Of Cancer :
Oral contraceptives increase the risk of liver and breast cancer.

Gallstones :
If you have gallstones, contraceptives will make these stones bigger much faster.

While birth control pills have been a popular option for women with PCOS. There are many potential side effects and risks associated.disorder is now being widely recognized as an issue that needs to be dealt. Through lifestyle changes rather than just medication,.  Since this will not solve all your problems it’s important you know what else may go alongwith using these medications correctly!.


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