Reasons Behind The Popularity Of IPL

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We are surrounded by numerous formats of cricket which have captured the audience’s attention leading to more innovations in it. For a long time, we have been listening to cricket leagues such as the Indian Premier League (IPL), Big Bash League (BBL), Caribbean Premier League (CPL), etc., which have acquired vast space in the cricket world globally. One of the famous ones is the IPL or Indian Premier League. IPL has an audience of about 147 million people all around the planet.

IPL was founded and established by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). It is held in India annually, typically between the months of March and May. It is a tournament played among ten teams formed out of 7 Indian cities and three states. From the year 2008 up till now, an enormous growth has been witnessed in the viewership, especially in the last few years. People get glued to the television on their mobiles to watch the IPL season and enjoy it a lot. It’s truly an exhilarating show all over the world. Watch IPL 2021live video to know about the top run scorers and wicket takers of that season.

Let’s take a look at the most common reasons responsible for the success of IPL- 

  • Fun Cricket:- While the other formats of the cricket sometimes get severe or tedious, IPL matches are always fun to watch. Everyone hoots and cheers for their favorite teams and enjoy the game wholeheartedly. Cricket in India is considered more like a religion. It is followed blindly by the spectators, who do not miss even a single hit. IPL has wholly turned the scenarioof Indian cricket with this innovation in T20 matches.
  • Shorter Duration:- Majority of the people preferred to watch short term matches instead of the long lasting one day test match or the world cup. In this era when people are trapped in their hectic schedules, who would not love to watch short duration matches which are also fascinating? Typically a test match carries over 4 to 5 days whereas an IPL match being enjoyable, only lasts for just 3 hours, making it watchable. So, it’s the format. It is pretty flexible.

Also IPL ensures a two month long season since it cannot afford for its audience to get bored after a point of Time by watching long-lasting matches the whole year.

  • The idea of integrity- IPL may be considered one of those leagues that revolutionized the game of cricket in India since it assisted in bringing the concept of franchise-based leagues to this country. Also, IPL enables the audience to choose their favorite players all around the world, irrespective of their country, because it brings together all the global players on the same field, making riveting teams. The teams featured by IPL are always the same; it never gets altered like EPL. It helps people connect whether they are of any country or religion.
  • Versatile broadcasting:- Nowadays, cricket is not limited to particular languages and few channels. It has made its way to broaden up its channeling. The availability of HD (High Definition) sports networks, IPL matches broadcasting in a variety of regional languages, and IPL streaming on OTT platforms like Hotstar have all contributed to the league’s phenomenal success. Better viewing experiences are all that the younger generation needs.

Many celebrities have also started investing their money in IPL and advertising it. It makes their fans do the same thing by following up on the series, and it generally gives rise to IPL success and enthusiasm.

  • Money:- IPL is also a great way to earn money through sponsorships and advertisements since it has a global market. It produces a considerable amount of money merely by one match. Several eminent Bollywood celebrities also stack their money in this game. The bold assertion that the IPL generates more revenue than any other league was recently made by Sourav Ganguly, a former captain of the Indian cricket team and the current president of the BCCI foundation.

There is always a marketing buzz going on since IPL enables the association of renowned brands, and their unique style of advertising is what makes people get stuck on to TVs.

  • Perfect Time of the year:- Since the new season of IPL takes place every year in the months of April and May, being a vacation period for all the students, it generates immense enthusiasm among the youth. It has chosen a perfect timing for the year, producing a massive increase in the viewership. Moreover, with the advancements in our social culture and in sports, the viewership among females has been increasing gradually over the years since girls have started taking an interest in sports over time.
  • Return of retired players:- One could think that after retirement, he or she won’t be able to see his/her favorite player, but now this problem has been overcome since IPL permits retired players to throw a fantastic comeback on the field. Basically, if a player gets retired due to the ageing protocol, even then, he has the right to be in the IPL teams. It’s a great opportunity both for the fans and the players.
  • Provide chance to the new generation:- IPL runs its own talent hunt by welcoming new players to set their position on the field, which they think have the potential to showcase their talents on the big screen. Bumrah, Samson, and Hooda are some famous Indian players who have only emerged from the IPL. IPL renders local players to prove themselves on the field.

Hence, these were the popular reasons for the consistent growth of the Indian Premier League.

IPL has really been a hell of a transition in T20 cricket in India. People have got a new way to get cheered up every year. India has always been over cricket for decades and will undoubtedly be. Innovations are necessary for everything’s popularity and sustainability. So if IPL needs to be this famous all the time, it needs to maintain its level and not let it fade out over the years by putting in new features.

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