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Rachael was born on January 29, 1988, in a Christian family whose parents were clinical psychologists. The details of her mother remain scanty, but her father, Joshua Williams, is widely known. She studied at Kenyon College, specializing in English and Studio Art, in 2010. Her primary education can only be traced back to Knoxville, Tennessee.

First, while a student, she made attempts in the fashion and media world by interning at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York and Harper’s Bazaar. After school, she was hired by Vanity Fair as a producer and photo editor. In 2019, she mutually parted ways with Vanity Fair. When this article was published, a comparative analysis concluded that Rachel’s marital status is that she is single.

Rachel Deloache Williams Books

Rachel got famous after she published an article in Vanity Fair in 2018. After a year, Rachel Deloache Williams wrote a book on this fraud, Anna; the True Story of a Fake Heiress. She further shares about Anna Sorokin, who left her in debt of $60000 after a trip to Morocco. This fraud affected Williams’s life. She could not pay her rent at that time due to her debt. She sold her story to HBO for $35000, and research also showed that she made a deal with Simon and Schuster for $300000. Her book: The true story of a Fake Heiress is among the Top 100 best seller books of the year. 

Rachel DeLoache Williams is a well-known figure in the media industry. She is an American writer and former Vanity Fair photo editor. Williams rose to fame after she was involved in a high-profile scam that involved Anna Delvey, a Russian-born con artist. This scam made headlines worldwide and led to a book deal for Williams.

Net Worth

Rachel DeLoache Williams’ net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. Her income mainly comes from her book deal and her work as a freelance writer. Williams’ net worth might not be as high as some other media personalities, but she has certainly made a name for herself in the industry.


Rachel DeLoache Williams is living a low-key lifestyle after the scamming incident. She has moved on from the incident and has been focusing on her work. Williams’ Instagram account reflects her passion for traveling and exploring new places. She seems to be enjoying her life to the fullest and has maintained a positive attitude.


Rachel DeLoache Williams was born in Texas in 1988. She graduated from Dartmouth College in 2010 and then moved to New York to pursue her career in media. Williams worked as a photo editor for Vanity Fair and later became a freelance writer. In 2019, Williams published her book, “My Friend Anna: The True Story of a Fake Heiress.” The book recounts the story of her involvement in the Anna Delvey scam.

Williams’ experience with Anna Delvey was a life-changing event that helped her grow as a person. She has shared her story with the world and has become an inspiration to many. Williams’ book has received critical acclaim and has been featured in various publications.

Inventing Anna

 Netflix paid Sorokin $320,000 for the rights to create a series about her story. The series, Inventing Anna, premiered on 11th February 2022. Julia Garner and Katie Lowes play Sorokin and DeLoache. Rachel DeLoache Williams posted her opinion about the show on her website. She also wrote an article for Air Mail criticizing Netflix for giving Sorokin attention and publicity. She called out the company during her interview with Vanity Fair. 

Rachel DeLoache Williams’s Career

According to her LinkedIn profile, she began her career as an art and commerce intern for three months. After that, she did photography for Harper’s Bazaar for five months in 2010. And from May 2010 to July 2010, she worked as a freelancer in an Art and production company 

After some time, she was hired for her dream photography assistant job, where she stayed for two years. Later, she was promoted to Associate Photography Associate in October 2012.


Rachel DeLoache Williams is a remarkable personality who has made a name for herself in the media industry. Her involvement in the Anna Delvey scam might have been a low point in her life, but it helped her grow and become a stronger person. Williams’ story is a reminder that one should always stay true to their values and never compromise their integrity. We hope that our article provides a comprehensive insight into Rachel DeLoache Williams’ net worth, lifestyle, and biography.


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