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In 1994, Jones came forward with sexual harassment allegations against Bill Clinton. Swearing under oath, she told of the time in May of 1991 when she was attending the Annual Governor’s Quality Conference at Little Rock’s Excelsior Hotel. Jones claimed that an Arkansas State Police Trooper told her to report to the hotel room of Clinton, who was at the time the governor of the state. In his room, Jones alleged that Clinton both propositioned and exposed himself to her. Just two days before the expiration of the statute of limitations on the case, Jones filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Clinton, now US President.

At first, Jones was represented in her suit by Washington, DC lawyers Joseph Cammarata and Gilbert Davis; meanwhile, her press spokesperson was conservative California commentator Susan Carpenter-McMillan. Showing up on a number of prominent television talk shows, Carpenter-McMillan inveighed against Clinton, calling him un-American and a philanderer. For his part, Clinton requested summary judgment, which was granted due to Jones’s inability to demonstrate any damages she had incurred. Jones subsequently appealed the dismissal, while Clinton’s defense team disputed the right for Jones to bring a private civil suit against a sitting president for an event that happened prior to the presidency.


Paula Jones is an American woman who rose to fame after filing a sexual harassment lawsuit against former U.S. President Bill Clinton. Her story is one that has captivated the nation, leading many to wonder what her net worth is. In this article, we aim to provide a comprehensive overview of Paula Jones’ net worth, including her sources of income and assets.

Paula Jones’ Early Life

Paula Jones was born on September 17, 1966, in Lonoke, Arkansas. She grew up in a modest family, and her parents worked in a factory. Jones worked at several jobs before she met Bill Clinton, including working as a clerk in a local Arkansas grocery store.

Paula Jones’ Career

Jones’ life changed when she was working as a state employee in Arkansas, and she alleged that then-Governor Bill Clinton had sexually harassed her. The ensuing lawsuit garnered national attention, and Jones received a settlement of $850,000 in 1998. She went on to appear in several television shows, including The Jerry Springer ShowPaula Jones is an American civil servant, who has served as an Arkansas state employee. She is best known for accusing and suing the former President, Bill Clinton of sexual harassment in 1994. Her lawsuit was dismissed as a lack of legal merit before Clinton’s impeachment, and later, Clinton agreed to pay Jones and her lawyers $850 thousand to drop the suit. As of 2022, Paula Jones’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $800 thousand.

Paula Jones’ Net Worth

Jones’ settlement in the Clinton lawsuit is well-known, but her net worth extends beyond that one event. Today, she is worth an estimated $500,000, according to Celebrity Net Worth. This amount takes into account her various assets and sources of income.

Paula Jones’s estimated net worth is around $700 thousand, as per Celebrity Networth, in 2021. Clinton agreed to pay $850 thousand as a court settlement, which resulted in the dismissal of the Jones VS Clinton lawsuit. After the settlement, Jones only got $200 thousand as the rest of the money was paid for the legal expenses of the case. 

Sources of Income

Jones’ main source of income is her work as a motivational speaker. She has given speeches on a variety of topics, including her experience with the Clinton lawsuit and overcoming adversity. Additionally, she has appeared in several reality television shows, including Celebrity Boxing and Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.


Jones’ assets include a home in Cabot, Arkansas, which she purchased in 2000 for $165,000. She also owns a Ford Mustang, which she won in a celebrity boxing match in 2002.


In conclusion, Paula Jones’ net worth is estimated to be $500,000, with her primary source of income being her work as a motivational speaker. Despite the high-profile lawsuit against Bill Clinton, Jones’ assets and sources of income extend beyond that one event. Through hard work and determination, Jones has built a successful career as a motivational speaker and reality television personality.


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