Positive Effects of Meditation on Human Life

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Human beings around the globe face one common problem and that is stress. In the last two pandemic-stricken years the stress levels have gone up and because of this stress generally, people feel that they have very low energy in their bodies to work. Psychiatric disorders like anxiety can also cause fatigue because anxiety causes a hormonal rush that drains the energy out of a person. Even after resting, the feeling of fatigue lasts because anxiety and fatigue go hand in hand. 

Why is Meditation Important?

Everyone in this world deserves to have good mental, physical and emotional health. In this technological world, everything and everyone is moving at a very high pace and sometimes when we are unable to cope with this pace it can cause fatigue, exhaustion, and mental health issues. Stats show that 52 percent of Americans feel exhausted because of long working hours, and 69 percent have said that working from home disrupted their sleep cycle.  Yoga and meditation improve our brain function and help us in coping and dealing with these issues. A study conducted at the University of Waterloo found that online meditation exercise has positive effects on your brain because it increases blood flow to your brain that can help in lowering stress levels.


Positive Impacts of Meditation on our Mental Health:

Meditation has several mental health benefits. Research at the Waisman Laboratory for Brain Imaging and Behavior, University of Wisconsin-Madison shows that through meditation the Buddhist monks have been able to control their minds, and it helped them to pay closer attention to things around them than other human beings. 

Some of the Mental Health Benefits are Listed Below:

Better Focus and Concentration:

Through meditation for energy, you can improve your focus and can easily concentrate on daily tasks. 


Imagine trying to focus on something and even after a lot of effort you are unable to concentrate. You will feel bad and anxious and automatically your energy levels will go down. We just have to train our mind to focus and surveys conducted all around the globe show that through meditation the gray matter in some parts of your brain increases that are responsible for learning, memory, and concentration. 

Reduce Levels of Stress:

Stress is a common issue in this fast-moving world. Whenever we feel anxious our body releases a hormone called cortisol also known as the stress hormone. Through meditation, we can relax our body and mind and studies show that after mindfulness meditation the level of cortisol in our blood decreases. When the level of cortisol decreases we feel easy and relaxed. The best example of this is the Buddhist monks, who through meditation remain calm all the time. 

Manage Anxiety and Depression:

Millions of people around the globe suffer from anxiety and depression. Only in America, around 19 percent of adults suffer from chronic anxiety disorder and around 6.7 percent of them are also fighting with chronic depression. Through meditation, a person can learn about channeling the negative thoughts in his mind, and by this, he can control the frequent anxiety attacks and by both medication and meditation, he can manage his mental health. 

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Improves Self-esteem:

People with mental health issues generally face this issue of lower self-esteem. Although they are not directly connected with each other, there is clear evidence that people with mental health issues generally suffer from lower self-esteem. Self-esteem can be defined as how a person feels about themselves and we all know how people with anxiety issues generally don’t feel good about themselves and in this case meditation can do wonders. The self-esteem relaxation technique can be used to first relax your mind and body, and once you are relaxed things will automatically start to improve. 

Helps You in Fighting Addiction:

In our daily life, we see different people suffering from different types of addictions and sometimes it becomes difficult to get rid of that particular addiction. Meditation can be of great use in this matter. Meditation can alter the brain receptors that are connected with addiction and craving and can help a person in getting rid of these addictions. According to research, mindfulness meditation can stop a person from relapsing and getting involved in any sort of addiction.


Generally, people with mental health issues face different types of problems in their life and through meditation and medication, they can not only boost their energy levels but can also reduce stress and fight addictions.



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