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While having dogs in the residence is a wonderful thing, we must keep in mind that our furry friends cannot care for themselves. You must groom them, keep them healthy, and feed them on schedule. With social distancing prevalent throughout the city, pet owners are increasingly turning to online choices to have their pet products delivered in Dubai. Fortunately, there are various sites in Dubai where you can buy pet supplies and have them delivered. In today’s article, we’ll go through the finest locations to get pet food online in Dubai.

Dubai Pet Delivering Food

If getting to a pet shop Dubai is tough for you, that doesn’t mean your pets have to go hungry. Check out these incredible places in Dubai to buy pet food. We’ve also included a list of locations in the emirate where you may buy pet products online.

Take pleasure for Pets:

To begin, we have the simple-to-use Pet’s Pleasure mobile app. This is the only app in the UAE dedicated completely to pet supplies. You can buy products for your animal family members by downloading Pet’s Delight from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

Pet’s Delight provides free same-day pet food delivery in Dubai for orders above AED 100. You can also receive great bargains on specific products. Pet’s Delight bills itself as an “ethical pet store,” and they even have an in-house dietician who offers free expert advice to customers. Pet’s Delight sells toys, cleaning tools, and other specialty goods in addition to pet food.


Amazon, one of the largest online shops in the UAE, is another site where you can quickly get supplies for cats, dogs, fish, as well as other pets from all major brands. They feature a good assortment of food products, chew toys, collars, and other pet supplies.

Green Chapter Of My Life

My Green Chapter is another excellent online pet store. This company, like the other pet shops in Dubai that offer online delivery, has a good assortment of pet supplies, drying foods, toys, towels, and other items. On all orders of AED 100 or more, you will also receive complimentary food or toy for your pet.

Pets On The Clicks

Pets on Click features a large selection of supplies for all types of pets, such as dogs, cats, birds, mice, and more. While the website allows you to get pet food online, you may also call them to place orders.


Noon.com, another well-known online store in the UAE, also has a good assortment of pet products that you can purchase online in Dubai. Noon.com also offers a diverse selection of pet supplies in Dubai.

Pet Zone

This well-known online pet store also has four physical locations in Dubai where you can stock up on supplies. The Petzone in Dubai features a comprehensive assortment of pet items from over 25 food brands, regardless of your pet’s size or breed. You can also join Petzone’s points program to get promotions and discounts on future purchases. The Petzone also provides free pet food delivery in Dubai with no additional transportation fees.

The Joyful Dolphin Pet:

Despite its name, the Happy Dolphin Pets business caters to birds, dogs, cats, and other small animals. Along with pet food, you can also order chew toys and conditioners to keep your four-legged friends looking and feeling their best.

Pet Sky:

 Finally, there is Pet Sky, an online pet store that carries certain products (such as Purina and Royal Canine) as well as a variety of special offers and bundle deals. Pet Sky has a strong supplier network and offers over 200,000 pet goods. Pet Sky provides the quickest pet food delivery in Dubai to renters living in JLT flats. Pet Sky offers a variety of equestrian gear and accessories in addition to catering to smaller domestic pets.

Final Verdicts:

This concludes our list of online retailers and sites in Dubai that sell pet food. This is especially useful in the current circumstances, in which locals avoid visiting to large supermarkets in order to practice social distancing. You may also look for pet food supplies at some of Dubai’s most renowned online grocery retailers. Feeding your pet is, of course, only one component of owning a pet. Your pet also requires vaccines on a regular basis in order to be healthy. Take a look at the list of the finest vets in Dubai to get your pets the care they require.


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