Most Unusual College Degrees You Have not Heard About

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Higher education does not only include degrees in law and IT. A master’s degree can be obtained by a professional nanny, pop culture lover, puppeteer, winemaker, or gunsmith. There are areas in which training is present in many universities and colleges around the world. But some universities offer their applicants completely unique courses, after which you can become a certified specialist, for example, in the auction business, or a professional researcher in Canada.


Graduates in this specialty are produced by Sullivan University in Kentucky. Students learn how to care for children, prepare baby food and provide first aid, etiquette and good manners, and how to communicate effectively with parents and children.


Such students graduate from the University of Connecticut. The uniqueness of the course is that the puppet theater has been the main drama direction at the university since 1964. Students learn the specifics of the costume, the lighting and scenery of the puppet theater, and the manufacture and control of the puppet.

Online Casino Management

You may have not known but there is actually a degree in online casino management. The especially is rare, however. After graduating you will learn the basics of online casinos and what you need to know in the management process. Numerous online casinos including 22Bet want professionals who will offer a valid management strategy, helping them achieve success. The competition in this field is huge and there are not too many people with this degree.

Fermentation Specialists

Fermentation specialists graduate from the University of Appalachia in North Carolina. The subject of study is the degree of fermentation of the product in the manufacture of beer and wine. The theory is studied in parallel with practical training in a small production facility at the university. There, students develop new recipes and study the effects of fermentation products on the human body.

Professional Gunsmiths

Professional gunsmiths receive their degrees from Lassen College in California. Students study all types of weapons, becoming specialists in either firearms or general knowledge of weapons. It is necessary to attend courses such as “Fundamentals of Rifle Shooting”, “History of Edged Weapons”, and “Safety in Shooting”.

Canadian Researcher

It is a rare specialty in the US offered at Duke University in North Carolina. Students study the neighboring country in all possible aspects. Subjects that students study: “French Presence in North America”, “Borders of the USA and Canada”, “Theater and Cinema of French Canada”.

Decision Makers

They are trained at the University of Bloomington in Indiana. The university offers not only a bachelor’s and master’s degree but also a pHD in operational decision-making in a business environment based on mathematical models and analytical reasoning. Graduates of this specialty advise businessmen, helping to find the best solution in difficult situations.

Certified Auctioneers

They are trained at Harrisburg College in Pennsylvania. A graduate of this course is able to organize an auction of any complexity. Students are taught how to find and evaluate exhibits, conduct an auction, and even special recitations.


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