Mizoram Scholarship ( Overview, Eligibility, documentation)

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Mizoram University is governed by the Government of India’s Commission On Higher education, founded on July 2, 2001, by the Mizoram University Act (2000) of the State Legislature. The President is the official Visitor, and the Governor of Mizoram acts as the Chief Vice-Chancellor, according to the Mizoram University (Amendment) Bill, 2007. The University’s priorities, according to the Act, are to propagate and improve knowledge by providing academic and experimental facilities in such disciplines of learning as it deems fit, to make accommodations for integrated courses in classics, physical and natural sciences, humanities, forestry, and other associated disciplines in the University’s educational programs; to take methodologies.  With these aims in mind, Mizoram University has initiated a variety of academic and administrative growth programs. One of the most important programs is Mizoram Scholarship.

Mizoram Scholarship


  1. Post-Matric Scholarship for Tribal Community Students:

The Scheme aims to provide budgetary help to individuals from Scheduled Tribes who seek Post-Matriculation approved courses in recognized institutions. The system comprises both professional/technical and non-professional/non-technical courses at different levels and correspondence courses such as correspondence and continuing education.


  1. Pre-Matric Scholarship for Schedule Tribes in Classes IX and X:

The Scheme aims to assist parents of children with the curriculum of their candidates in grades IX and X so that the incidence of fall, particularly during the shifting from the primary to the high school level, is reduced, and to total integration, young children in Before the classes IX and X, so that they score higher and have a reasonable chance of succeeding.


  1. Post-secondary Scholarships for Minority Students:

The Scheme seeks to offer opportunities to eligible students from financially deprived minority communities to raise their rate of attainment in post-secondary learning and enhance their career development education.


  1. Pre-Matric Scholarship for Students from Racial Minorities:

The Scheme’s aim is to allow guardians of racial minorities to send their academic children to school, reduce their economic burden on school education, and sustain their initiatives to assist their children’s school completion.


  1. Scholarship Program for College and University Students with an 80 percent or higher GPA:

Scholarships’ main aim is to provide economic help to eligible students from low-income families. These grants will help them cover some of their day-to-day expenses when pursuing their higher education.


Each scholarship offered under this scheme has its own set of eligibility requirements that must be met. The widespread criterion for all of them is that Mizoram domiciled candidates can only apply for these scholarships; outstation candidates or candidates from other states are not qualified. For your convenience, the following is a complete list of eligibility conditions:

  1. a) The total income of the parents/guardians does not exceed Rs. 2,00,000 per year.
  2. b) Candidates must be members of a Scheduled Tribe.
  3. c) Permanently residing in the state of Mizoram.
  4. d) Taking classes from Class XI to Post-Doctoral Fellowship.


Documentation required:

These are the most common documents needed when applying for a Mizoram scholarship.

The list can also change depending on the requirements of various scholarships. This is the most crucial section for students to comprehend. Each scholarship has a different form of grant and benefits. The details of the advantages and incentives offered by each scheme are described in depth in the table below:

  • Scholarship Name.
  • Scholarship Number.
  • An Aadhaar Passport.
  • Checking Account (self-account).
  • A certificate of income granted by a competent authority (up to date).
  • Previous year’s grade sheet.
  • Permanent Residence Permit (up to date).
  • Tribal Identification Card.
  • Pre-matriculation scholarship for SC/ST/OBC/Minority students.
  • The monthly maintenance fee for classes 1 through 5 is INR 100.
  • Admission fees up to INR 7000 per year for classes 1 to 12 will be covered.
  • Admission fees up to INR 10,000 a year will be covered for students in classes 11 and 12.
  • Scholarship INSPIRE. Every year, INR 80,000 is awarded as a scholarship.
  • Merit Scholarship from NEC. INR 1500 as a stipend.
  • Annual book award of INR 3000.




Q: How to Apply?

Typically, applications are accepted online from August to September in the National Scholarship Portal at https://scholarships.gov.in/. A printout of the online application, along with the mentioned documents earlier, must be sent to the school/college/institution for online verification.

Q: Does a bank account necessary for a Mizoram scholarship?

Applicant must have their OWN Bank Account, IFSC, and Aadhaar Number. The Scholarship Board will not be held accountable if an applicant does not obtain a scholarship because they submitted incorrect information.

Q: How do you submit the documents?

After successful online submission, all applicants must print a Pdf version of their application and submit it by Speed Post to the Secretary, Mizoram Scholarship Board, Aizawl, Mizoram, along with all documents uploaded in the Portal, or their application will be rejected.

Q: Where can I make a complaint?

  • The Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DAR&PG) will receive grievances (pgportal.gov.in).
  • The Pensions and Pensioners’ Welfare Department (DP&PW) (pgportal.gov.in/pension/).
  • The aforementioned nodal agencies receive public complaints online through pgportal.gov.in, as well as by post or in person.

 Q: What is the time limit for complaints resulting?

Sixty (60) days. In the event of a delay, a temporary response with explanations for the delay is expected.



Mizoram Scholarship is a novel and successful strategy taken by Mizoram’s state government. It is heart-warming to realize that this small state, with a population of about ten lakhs, offers some of the most significant educational benefits that anyone could ever ask for.

Even though the state’s economy is primarily based on agriculture, the need for education among its residents is relatively strong. Many accolades have been heaped on this state for its contributions to rising literacy among its people. In this regard, the Mizoram government has done considerable work to ensure that citizens receive adequate assistance to achieve higher literacy rates and set an example for the rest of the world.

If candidates have any questions or concerns about the various schemes on offer, they may contact the Mizoram Scholarship Board in the following ways.

Here are the specifics:

    • MSB [Mizoram Scholarship Board], Government of Mizoram, Ramhlun ‘N’, Aizawl – 796012, Mizoram.
    • 0389 – 2344224 is the helpline number.



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