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Leather shoes cannot live up to their full character until they are paired up with the right kind of dress. When they came into fashion, they were only meant to couple up with formal wear or to serve various practical purposes. But now, leather or oxford shoes hold a complete charm to give you the most distinctive style options with the availability of different colours and varieties of leathers.

Be it your office party or casual occasion, leather shoes, especially oxford shoes make a classic style statement with most of your suits and other dressings. They immediately bring the sense of gentlemen kind of style, when they are paired up with formal and semi-formal clothing.

Let’s understand how leather shoes are classified into different formal and informal options to suit up with different dressing options:


Your wardrobe must have at least a pair of brogues to make you understand the defined meaning of fashion. To do so, you can select through the wide range of brogues to catch up with your different dressing styles. You can wear them with both your favourite trousers and jeans, depending on the occasion, or depending on your mood. Traditionally, blue jeans, polo t-shirts, and light-coloured chinos make the best combinations with brown or tanned brogue Shoes.


If you want to keep your style inclined towards simplicity, then you must go with a pair of slip-on shoes. You can buy different varieties of slip-on leather shoes as they are available in suede, full-grain, and genuine leather options.

Derby Shoes

Like brogues, Derby shoes perform versatile characters to team up with most of your formal and casual wear. With the traditional open lacing system, Derby shoes stay in between the segment of formal and informal dressing options. The design, toughness, and stunning structure of Derby shoes make a perfect combination of high-class style and ruggedness, ultimately leading to an elegant look.

Chelsea boot

Their mainstream existence was proven in the 60s when trend followers started wearing them with jeans and suits. Their round-ankle shape and side elastic make them one of the most stylish and comfortable boots to wear on multiple occasions like a marriage or weekend beach party. Mansfield – Taupe Suede is the epitome of high-class craftsmanship. A classy suit and a premium pair of Chelsea boots can earn a special attraction on your entry at a party or your upcoming formal or casual occasion.

Monk or Double Monk

These leather shoes use a single or double strap instead of laces to offer better protection and appeal. When one strap is divided into two buckles, named as a double monk, otherwise the single strap with single buckle remains simple monk leather shoes. It is highly recommended by fashion experts to match them up with some premium suits. 

Boat Shoes

This is the leather shoe category that is all dedicated to the casual segment in the fashion world. These shoes were originated to serve the practical purpose of walking on wet decks. These shoes are made with anti-slip rubber to support comfortable walking. Usually, you can buy them in a loafer style with leather shoelaces, which is tied over the tongue of the shoes.

Leather Boots

Mens boots proved to be your favourite companion when you are ready to take a long ride on your motorcycle. A fantastic pair of brown or tanned leather boots, a denim jacket on a white or black t-shirt, and a pair of jeans can instantly make you a style icon in the crowd.

When we talk about leather shoes or mens boots, then the factor of premium and high-quality leather instantly kicks into consideration. And all these criteria are genuinely fulfilled when you buy leather shoes from a brand like Barker Shoes.

Known to define high-class

Our state-of-the-art technology, experienced artisans, hand-stitched shoes; all come together to define a high-class in all leather shoes for men and women. All of our leather shoes are the symbol of master art and luxury, which offer great confidence and comfort, and it remains consistent for a long time.

Barker’s domination

With decades of experience and expertise in understanding customers’ demands, Barker has come to the verge of dominating many leather shoe segments. To achieve this milestone, Barker Shoes surveyed the real needs of customers of premium leather shoes and worked on all those prominent factors to come across this top-class position.


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