LG K51 review: More polish than punch

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. The LG K51 is a budget-friendly option that offers solid specs for the price. It may not have exciting features or high end hardware, but it’s hard to beat at its cost!
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A sleek phone with many good qualities, this model can be found under $200 and seems unbeatable because of how close they match up in most areas like performance per dollar or battery life Span/ thickness ratio (?). Find out what we thought after reviewing their identical twin.

What you need to know about the LG K51

You can’t go wrong with the new LG K51. Sized down to be compact, it still packs in all of your favorite features and then some! You’ll find Android 10 out of box on this smartphone that’s available in one configuration . Which means you’re getting everything right away without having any mods or adjustments . Needed for upgrading later down the line when an update comes around (which could take days). With 3GB RAM + 32GB storage space as base models options are there if more room isn’t required by apps . Already installed onto either phone variant but expansion card.  Support makes sure users never run low before hitting their limit.

MediaTek 8-Core Helio P22 processor runs the show with limited RAM and basic storage. It comes equipped to last you all day. thanks in part to its 4K HD Plus display as well 6GB of internal memory. That can be increased by up o 128 GB using a microSD card!. On top there’s also headphone jack available for those who want it (and not just because they are wearing headphones), along side . USB Type C port which supports fast charging .  So no more worries about running out during your commute again…

what good?

The moment you take this phone out of the box. It’s clear that LG put a lot into making sure their product feels premium. The body is made mostly from plastic. But has an overall strong feeling about them thanks to how well-built everything.  Seems from start with only one speaker and headphone jack at bottom . Where volume can be adjusted easily enough for any songs lovers out there!
The large 6.5-inch display is perfect for catching up on your favorite Netflix series or playing a light game. But there are plenty of other features you can enjoy with this phone too!.  You’ll be able to use it across multiple carriers depending upon which one has better apps available.  Even if the preinstalled Metro by T Mobile version doesn’t have all those extra goodies then don’t worry . Because most people will find they’re capable enough without them in their standard account management app anyway.”
What’s the point of buying a phone with an excellent camera if you’re not going to use it? LG has come up with their own 13MP main lens that can take great photos in most lighting situations and even offer some advice on how best for your specific situation. AI Cam, which uses thousands upon data points from recognition software as well as human expertise across various disciplines like Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence together create personalities within images by suggesting different shots depending upon what is happening or who might be featured within them – all without ever having been trained!.

What’s not so good?

The K51’s 6.5-inch IPS LCD display is a double-edged sword because it has good overall color quality, but I’ve seen other phones in this price range reach sharper resolutions including some of LG’s own lineup!
The LG K51 is a fingerprint magnet and the undisturbed Titan Gray back panel looks pretty good, but unless you invest in case it’ll have to spend most time wiping clean. The 3GB RAM coupled with an underwhelming processor makes this phone sluggish when trying more than one app at once or playing games heavily saturated on graphics.. Unfortunately for me though- I feel like my Helio P22’s capabilities don’t match up well enough sometimes which causes laggy behavior during use (especially if there are lots going on).
The K51 was not able to maintain stability with so many running tasks and apps. We had issues processing data due in pa rt from its limited 3GB RAM, which quickly overwhelmed itself while trying take care of everything we throw at them including pre-installed programs that took up nearly 2GB total space without any room left over for user generated content or additional files like photos taken on an external device (like phone memory). The 17 GB worth provided by their internal storage is barely enough if you want your Android OS plus all those complicated little minutiae called “applications” – let alone anything else! You’ll need something bigger than 32 Gigs here; most people don’t even bother installing anything beyond necessary.

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