Jindal Scholarship 2021 (Overview and Eligibility Criteria)

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The Sitaram Jindal Bursary is a merit-based bursary scheme. The Jindal Bursary, launched by Sitaram Jindal Foundation, a charity in Bengaluru, intends to provide financial support to eligible candidates who belong to poor families. The applicants must study in class 11 to complete their postgraduate studies in order to qualify for the Sitaram Jindal Bursary. The bursary also includes Polytechnic and Diploma courses in vocational education. Up to INR 2,500 bursary amounts per month can be used by eligible students under this scheme.

Jindal Scholarship 2021


The Sitaram Jindal Scholarship is divided into multiple categories according to the students’ courses. The value of the bursary amounts to INR 2,500 per month, received by students with varied qualifications. The following is a thorough description of the number of bursaries awarded to chosen students.

  • Category ‘A’ (Class 11 & 12):INR 500
  • Category ‘B’ ITI students: INR 500 (For government ITIs) INR 700 (For private ITIs)
  • Category ‘C’ (Graduate & postgraduate courses): For graduate courses: INR 1,000 (Girls of General category) INR 800 (Boys of General category) INR 1,000 (Physically challenged students) INR 1,200 (Widows & unmarried wards of Ex-servicemen) For postgraduate courses: INR 1,200 (Girls of General category) INR 1,000 (Boys of General category) INR 1,200 (Physically challenged students) INR 1,500 (Widows & unmarried wards of Ex-servicemen)
  • Category ‘D’ (Diploma courses): INR 1,200 (Girls) INR 1,000 (Boys)
  • Category ‘E’ (Engineering & Medicine courses): INR 1,700 (For girls pursuing engineering courses) INR 1,500 (For boys pursuing engineering courses) INR 2,000 (For girls studying medicine courses) INR 1,800 (For boys studying medicine courses) INR 2,500 (For girls pursuing PG courses in engineering & medicine courses) INR 2,300 (For boys pursuing PG courses in engineering & medicine courses)

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicants must be in the eleventh and twelfth grades.
  • The prior exam must have yielded a score of at least 65 percent for male applicants, and a score of at least 60 percent for female applicants in order for them to be considered.
  • Students from Karnataka, however, must have received at least 75 percent in the case of boys and 70 percent in the case of girls to be considered for the scholarship.
  • Students from West Bengal who obtained a minimum of 70 percent marks (in the case of males) and 65 percent marks (in the case of girls) in the previous exam are eligible to apply.
  • In the case of individuals who are employed, the annual household income must not exceed INR 4 lakh.
  • Other students must have a family income of less than INR 2.5 lakh per annum in order to be considered.
  • The applicants must not have reached the age of thirty years when applying.
  • The eligibility percentage marks for applicants with various abilities are pass marks in all categories.
  • The minimal percentage marks needed to continue the Jindal Bursary are reduced by 5 percent.

Key Documents

Candidates seeking the Sitaram Jindal Scholarship are required to provide a number of supporting documents along with their completed application form in order to demonstrate their academic qualifications. Please see below for a list of crucial documents that must be included with the scholarship application form.

  • A copy of the SSLC/HSC grade point average
  • A photocopy of the most recent examination
  • A copy of the income tax exemption certificate
  • A photocopy of the merit certificate (applicable for Medical, Engineering, Diploma, and MBA students)
  • Certifications pertaining to fees paid are also available (applicable for Medical, Engineering, Diploma, and MBA students)
  • A letter of recommendation from the hostel warden (for hostellers)
  • A certificate of physical impairment from the appropriate authority is required (if applicable)
  • PPO, Relationship Dependency Certificate, and Ex-Widow Servicemen’s I-Card are some of the benefits available to veterans (for widows and ex-servicemen)


Q: What are the eligibility criteria for graduate courses students for this Jindal Scholarship?

Candidates must be enrolled in graduate studies. Applicants must have obtained at least 60% (for boys) or 55% (for girls) in their last exam. In the case of employed individuals, the annual household income cannot exceed INR 4 lakh. Other students must have an annual family income of less than INR 2.5 lakh. Applicants must be under the age of 30.

What is the application procedure for Jindal Scholarship?

The Jindal scholarship application can be submitted both offline and online, depending on the applicant’s preference. The Sitaram Jindal Foundation requires that all applicants submit their applications through the foundation’s official website.

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