Is MONQ Vape Safe?

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MONQ is safe to vape! The Therapeutic Air® Portable Aromatherapy Diffusers turn our custom blends of some major essential oils and coconut. Derived vegetable glycerine right into the water vapor.

MONQ is safe to vape! The company’s air vaporizer pulls from custom blends of some of the major essential oils and coconut-derived.  Vegetable glycerine which are then turned into watery mist. It does not contain any ingredients commonly found in other devices , Labeled as “vaping” with nicotine or artificial flavoring,. So you can enjoy your favorite flavor without worrying about it affecting health too much.”

What are MONQ Essential Oils made from?

MONQ essential oils are to be all made from organic and natural ingredients.  That have been somehow mixed into high quality stainless steel devices. They’re then placed inside a small battery which heats up.  Coconut-derived vegetable glycerine, infusing.  It with your favorite flavors! Buy e liquid wholesale UK today at Ecigarettes Wholesale UK.

How Does MONQ Work?

MONQ takes the form of a small aromatherapy device that creates gentle suction when inhaled. This action activates an LED light inside, which heats up water with essential oils . To release smells as mist through carbon dioxide and aroma.  Compounds released from heating rolls steel plates within MONQ’s outer shell
The modern day aromatic experience starts here.

The MONQ ingredients are all natural, grown locally and Fair Trade Certified. They’re sourced from Oregon-Tilth certified organic processors . Who follow sustainable practices in order to maintain the environment for future generations!

MONQ is a company that makes essential oil blends to be diffused into an organic vegetable glycerine base. The three prominent ingredients in each blend are carefully . Selected for their therapeutic benefits, and represent the best of what aromatherapy has offered us.  As humans through time-honored tradition since ancient times!

  • Chiarito and most experts agree that while nicotine is less safe to vape . Because of its addictive potential, vaping in general is not safe. Even without nicotine, e-cigarettes and diffuser sticks may contain other potentially dangerous ingredients.

    Does MONQ affect your lungs?

    • By inhaling MONQ into your lungs, you merely lower the effectiveness of the aromatherapy experience. … MONQ products do not burn, do not inhale, and do not contain . Any of the ingredients associated with smoking. Such as tobacco, nicotine, artificial ingredients, and others.

      Can vaping cause miscarriage?

      Any pregnant woman can experience miscarriage. Research has not been done to determine whether e-cigarettes increase the risk of miscarriage. There has been an increase in miscarriages associated with traditional cigarettes that include nicotine. Would e-cigarette use during pregnancy cause birth defects?

      Diffusers from MONQ are not intended for anyone under 18 or under the legal age in your location. For anyone with respiratory illnesses or who is allergic to essential oils. As well as for pregnant or nursing women. You must confirm that you are of legal age to purchase this item.  If it is age-restricted in your state or country of residence.

      In impressionable minors, MONQ does not want to encourage the common “hand to mouth” habit. As an ethical company, MONQ is concerned . That minors may develop a tendency to smoke. But we are confident that an adult who doesn’t smoke will not feel the same way.

      Those suffering from respiratory illnesses or chronic pulmonary conditions. Such as asthma or COPD, should not take MONQ.

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