How to Use Custom Flags as Holiday Marketing Tools

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Many store owners make the mistake of not tapping into last-minute shoppers as a customer segment. Every festive season, many shoppers buy products at the last moment. The most effective way to get the attention of these late shoppers is via well-designed custom flags.

Shoppers find custom-printed flags very appealing. Especially the ones that feature catchy taglines like –

  • “The best gifts at discount prices”
  • “Major discounts for late shoppers”
  • “Our stock is still full.”

However, you can’t use these practical marketing tools during the busy festive season without preparation. Build a healthy collection of custom-printed marketing flags for your store using the following guidelines.

Order Early – Make Sure Your Custom-Printed Flags are in Stock

Currently, the global retail industry is facing one of the most difficult holiday seasons in decades. Many factories are closed. The cost of shipping retail items has quadrupled in various locations. Popular items like custom-printed marketing flags are scarce even though demand is high. Store owners have enough money to spend on these low-cost marketing tools.

But, if you don’t order these flags in time, you could face out-of-stock problems. The leading sellers of custom-printed marketing flags carry large selections of stock items. Select a seller with a good inventory of marketing flags in their stock. Order in advance so you can start your festive promotions in time.

Use Visual Elements on Your Marketing Flags

The leading sellers of custom-printed marketing flags allow buyers to completely customize their promotional items. Design your marketing flags and make them as cheerful, colorful, and eye-catching as possible. Send the artwork to your sellers. Ask them to digitally print the artwork on your custom flags.

Include attention-grabbing elements to your flag design, like –

  • Festive color combinations
  • Brand logo re-designed to appear more festive
  • Short, concise marketing messages; make the text bold so it’s readable from long distances.
  • High-quality images of the products/services you sell.

Announce Special Festive Deals

Storeowners must use their custom-printed marketing flags to promote festive deals and offers. Marketing flags are light, low-cost, and easy to manufacture. You can order hundreds of custom-printed marketing flags without spending too much money. Print details about festive offers, sales, etc., on these flags.

In addition to placing them outside your store, hand them out to customers, guests, employees, etc. Your custom-printed marketing flags will trigger word-of-mouth marketing. The more people receive your custom-printed marketing flags; the more revenue boosts you can expect.

Maintain and Reuse

If you’ve ordered an extensive collection of custom-printed marketing flags with festive-themed designs, preserve them. Reuse these flags for the next festive season. The best thing about using custom-printed marketing flags is that they only involve one-time costs. Once you get your set of custom marketing flags, you can use it for decades.

These flags are made of durable synthetic materials. They’re easy to maintain as these materials don’t pick up sunlight damage, moisture damage, or wear and tear. Store these festive-themed flags once the holiday season is over. Clean and reuse them again next year!


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