How To Record Videos From Youtube On A Windows Computer

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It has been found through numerous polls that the target market’s attention is shifting quickly away from reading textual content and toward viewing movies. 69 percent of people today choose to watch movies to learn more about particular services or goods.

There is no denying that people prefer YouTube to other platforms when it comes to watching video content. It is not only the second-most frequented website on the internet, but it is also the second-most popular social media network, with 34.6 billion visitors every month.

But occasionally, while browsing YouTube, we find a fascinating and enjoyable video that we’d like to save for later use or share with friends. Since YouTube doesn’t provide a direct video download button, people frequently use Google to look for online display recorders for YouTube video download software, which is no longer regarded as the best option.

These solutions don’t provide users with any kind of video editing or numerous output options, so if you want to cut out a specific section of the movie or convert it to a different format, you’ll need to acquire additional video editing software.

Therefore, you can use a free screen recorder in place of online web-based tools or YouTube video download software that may be loaded with advertisements or where there is a high risk of user data being stolen.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step tutorial on how to report free YouTube movies on a Windows computer.

Let’s start!

How to Record YouTube Videos in Steps

To record any form of YouTube video on a PC, simply follow these five simple steps.

Ste 1: Download and set up

You must first download a screen recording program that enables you to record YouTube videos or screens without annoying watermarks or time limits.

In this illustration, the iTop Screen Recorder is cited as an excellent piece of simple-to-use equipment that can be used to quickly record any area of the display. With the help of this screen recorder in Windows 10, you can easily capture the screen in up to 4K resolution and export it in a variety of formats. You can simply download it from its official site on your computer.

Step 2: Modify the preferences

The iTop Screen Recorder offers a fairly straightforward user interface with a limited number of useful functions that other display recorders do not provide for free. Depending on your needs, turn on or off the options.

To access more complex options, select “Recording Settings” by clicking the three horizontal slashes in the top right corner. You can change the audio, video, webcam, format, and many other parameters from here as you see fit, and then click “Save.”

Step 3: Begin recording

Once you’ve set your preferences, go to the YouTube video you want to record, choose where you want to record it, and then click “REC” or, better yet, press F9 to start recording.

When finished, use the “Stop” button or press the F9 key once more to stop the tool from recording the screen.

Step 4: Watch the Video, Edit It, and Export It

This best screen recorder for PC also provides a built-in video editor that enables you to easily export the final version of your video without erasing a chosen or unwanted section from the recording. This can be done using the “My Creation” section, and the very final film can be kept in the location of your choice.


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