How to Make Cute and Funny Pet Animals Life Videos Easily

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Let’s admit it: when it comes to pet videos, the competition is massive. The Internet is oversaturated with cute videos about animals. In this climate, only a handful achieve success, right?

Not really. There’s always space for creativity and at this point, everybody knows that an intriguing, well-shot video can and will go viral. So the idea behind producing funny pet videos is to make them so fascinating that people can’t help but watch them.

But how can you do that? Let’s go through the most important tips and tricks that’ll set you on the right path.

Before You Start

If you are reading this, you probably own at least one pet. It’s very likely you’ve also watched a lot of videos with cute animals on YouTube and similar platforms. It’s quite possible you’ve already tried to shoot some videos with your pets using your smartphone or a camera. 

That should give you a lot of material to edit and some ideas on how to do that. But what you have to remember is the sheer amount of video material isn’t enough. Quality is what you have to go for. 

Pets are funny and cute and extremely filmable. This, however, doesn’t mean that filming videos with them comes without effort. No matter what kind of video it is, you have to learn some editing skills. A good piece of software can help you with that.

How to Use a Handy Video Editing Software

The first thing you’ll need is a video editor that’s easy to understand and use. Movavi is one such software that can be really helpful. Both large companies and individual creators use it for all kinds of purposes. 

Even if you’ve never edited a video before, you’ll find that video editing software is extremely user-friendly. With its intuitive UI, you are free to experiment and design any type of video.

#1 Record Funny Pet Videos

To start, simply follow the easy tips below. Don’t worry: the process is very easy in practice. Once you get the hang of all the handy features, you’ll be able to do it quickly.

#2 Import Your Videos 

Just open the editor and click on Edit Video. Once that’s done, you can drag your video into the workspace or go to Files – Add media files. You’ll immediately see a multitude of features available to you. For example, you can cut your videos, add other videos, and add all kinds of cool graphic design elements.

#3 Add Some Background Music

Music is something that can make your video truly special. People love watching music videos; they just speak to them on a deep level. Just make sure that the music file you add isn’t copyrighted. To add music, drag an audio file into the timeline below your video. Or you can import it just like you did with the video before, by choosing the Add media files option.

#4 Add Text and Graphic Effects

Video editing software gives you an opportunity to play with various text styles and graphic design elements to make your video stand out. Here are some of the things you might want to use:

  • Filters
  • Video transitions
  • Stickers
  • Animated titles

Upload your video to your platform of choice

Once the editing is done, you can go on and post your cute pet videos on any platform you like. YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok are the most popular choices nowadays but the choice is completely up to you.


The process of video editing can be easy and enjoyable if you don’t mind learning. More importantly, creative editing can make your funny pet videos stand out among lots of others. Go ahead and try your hand at filming and photo editing! It’s both fun and rewarding.


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