How to Complete the UPPSC Prelims Syllabus In 4 Months?

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Many aspirants of UPPSC Prelims find it challenging to complete the syllabus in four months. The most important reason behind this is the lack of sufficient time to get an understanding of all the chapters of the UPPSC 2022 syllabus and start from the first topic, but students believe that spending four months studying could help them pass the exam with the best possible score.

The following article has been written for those who have expressed concern about the time and want to know whether or not they need a four-month study for UPPSC prelims. If you are one of these aspirants, then this article will guide you through an effective way to spend four months preparing for UPPSC prelims. If you’re preparing for UPPSC prelims, you can subscribe to Byju’s Exam Prep which offers free video lessons, tips and guides.

What is UPPSC Prelims Exam?

UPPSC Prelims is an all-India level competitive exam conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPPSC) to recruit various Group A and Group B services. UPPSC prelims 2022 is shown in phase I – Preliminary Exam of 200 marks (multiple choice objective type questions), phase II – Main Exam of 200 marks (essay type questions).

Tips and Tricks to Complete the UPPSC Prelims Syllabus in 4 Months:

  1. Don’t rush up at the very beginning of your UPPSC prelims preparation

All students often think that they have to cover every topic of their UPPSC syllabus in four-months time; it’s not possible to complete the syllabus in one month or two months. Even if you study day and night, you may only be able to cover 10-15 topics; if you continue this way, you most likely lose your interest in the exam and give up studying. So make a timetable first, try to cover one topic per day so that you don’t feel stressed or panic while preparing for UPPSC prelims as there are too many topics in all the subjects which need proper time and dedication.

  1. Take a look at the syllabus and make a timetable

To complete the syllabus in four-months time, you need to study each subject’s chapter daily and give at least one full day to cover the basics of each topic. You must always refer to your coursebook or previous years’ question papers and try to solve as many old papers as you can, which will help you get a hold of the subject’s basics.

  1. Read the UPPSC Sample papers

After completing the coursebook of each subject, start by solving the sample papers, which will help you understand the question types and marking scheme of UPPSC prelims. It’s better if you solve sample papers daily with your friends as it will also help you in your communication skill. UPPSC sample papers are available online; you can download them from this page.

  1. Revision for 10-15 minutes every day

Revising is very important at any stage of your preparation, but adjusting again and again without looking into your notes is not a good idea, so revise once a day for ten minutes only; during this time, make sure that you refer to your messages.

  1. Find the problems on the internet

Most of the universities provide a link to their previous year’s UPPSC exam papers and their solutions on the website, so they rely on this information. Also, you can find valuable materials in a google search; one good example is: ‘UPPSC Previous year question papers, it contains different topics and subject-wise questions. Byju’s Exam Prep offers free video lessons, tips and guides to clarify all your doubts.

  1. Try to solve the questions in the exam

Don’t be afraid to see questions before the exam; try to prepare the small number of questions you solved before the exam. If you can make a limit of 10 questions, see them once before the exam, it will help you get good marks in your prelims UPPSC examinations.


In the end, we want to advise all the students who are preparing for the UPPSC Prelims exams not to take it too seriously. If marks do matter, then you’ll have a long-term plan on how to get them. Byju’s Exam Prep offers free video lessons, tips and guides to clear your doubts.


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