How to Choose the Right Personal Injury Lawyer

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There are more than enough workers specializing in personal injury law. For this reason, potential customers begin to be misled and are deceived by scammers. You should look for the right personal injury lawyer to handle your case. Stewart Miller Simmons Trial Attorneys is an Atlanta, GA law firm with the best personal injury attorneys to take your case. Here is what to consider when hiring this type of lawyer.

Is the lawyer a member of the Bar Association?

A large number of people cannot distinguish between an ordinary legal adviser and a qualified personal injury attorney, although there are differences. First of all, a lawyer is a specialist who has successfully passed a special qualification test. It has a special status, the rights and obligations enshrined in domestic legislation. 

The defender is controlled by a local organization of lawyers, where it is possible to file a complaint about the illegal actions of a specialist. Unlike a lawyer, a legal adviser does not bear such responsibility. It is possible that he is a responsible professional with vast experience and many victories. However, such workers are few and far between. You can get professional lawyers at Stone Rose Law.

When registering with the bar association, each of its members is assigned a special number, by which it is possible to find out its authenticity online.


Many people recognize the role of image and appearance as ambiguous. Often, personal injury lawyers present themselves as not indifferent to the changing trends of modern fashion, attending court hearings in denim pants, a jacket, and sneakers. Individual preferences in clothing have a significant influence. 

However, it is worth considering this: if the lawyer is so frivolous about his own image and appearance, then he will scrupulously prepare for the process and conscientiously conduct business.

Do not work with a lawyer who guarantees a successful outcome of the case

In the modern justice system, none of the participants (including the chairman of the court session) can guarantee the victory of one or another side in the trial. Even the current legislation and law enforcement practice. Justice is fickle, as seasoned defenders know. There are only high odds and low odds of winning.

If the lawyer claims that he will certainly win the case, then this is a fraud. Once a legal services agreement has been drawn up, the process will most likely fail, and it will no longer be possible to compensate for the costs of a personal injury lawyer. On top of that, it will take precious time.

The degree of convenience in communicating 

This recommendation is one of the most important. A situation arises when the lawyer is qualified, the reviews are flattering, the behavior is respectable, the cost is reasonable, but you still feel discomfort. In this case, you should listen to your inner voice. When interacting with the personal injury lawyer, close contact is made, and exceptional trust is shown. A specialist learns about many things that are hidden from prying eyes, and communication with a defender lasts from two to three months to several years. For this reason, if discomfort occurs immediately, it will persist later.


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