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Summary of the introduction character-

The journey to this point in my life was an uphill battle, but with the help of someone who had been there before me-I managed. As per numerology 26 is considered a struggle that leads us into success which arrives delayed because it takes time for your body’s natural healing process after all sorts of injuries or surgeries have occurred on its own without assistance from anyone else other than yourself until finally you will arrive at some sort equilibrium where things feel “normal” again even if they’re never going back exactly how they used too! So maybe just like those keen eyes watching over us young ones.

I placed one foot in front of the other, taking small steps as though I was walking on eggshells. My eyes were fixed ahead and my mind filled with questions about what might be waiting for me around each corner; however all those worries soon melted away when faced by such magnificent beauty-the kind that makes you want to stop talking just so someone can take their picture or pull out your phone camera right now!
After browsing through some bookshelves full Nepali authors doing important work against social injustice (and finding none) along this alleyway near our house last week -it finally clicked:

Role of establishment:-

I’ve always been a city girl. I grew up in the hustle and bustles of New York, not far from where we now live with my family (in what was once called “The World Trade Center”). When you’re young enough to think that life will never end if your dreams don’t come true- then eventually they do because there’s no turning back time after this world has passed us by…I found myself running on an empty street one morning . Before work thinking about how much harder it is for women these days who have ambitions outside their homes. But still need support from someone else while going through such huge changes internally at just 26 years old without even having children yet! .

Place to intervals:-

I know sometimes life brings you to the worst part which screams of bitterness. But, working through those difficulties and moving forward with dignity will always be worth it in terms your personal growth as well! So don’t give up on yourself just yet – keep fighting for what is right even if that means going against everything else around us or inside our heads because at least one person out there thinks highly enough about themself not want their opinion go unspoken.

The light from a flare shines brightly in the dark. The warmth of an embrace soothes my soul as I walk down unknown streets, trying to find myself again with nothing but broken pieces and memories that fade away into oblivion every day
I am tireless because freedom is what drives me forward – no matter how difficult it may seem at times- never losing sight on those who love you or trusting easily into something new without question

I know that this will not be an easy process, but it is worth every step forward because of how bright these experiences were in twenty-six years’ time span so far – they’ve given me valuable wisdom which has helped make them even more exceptional than before! My writing career took off long ago when someone else inspired its creation by saying “there are no right choices.” Nowadays all you need dois think up something interesting or funny enough for people want read.I am beginning again with the intention of widening my easy path.

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