Facts and Myths about Betting

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Since its inception, online wagering has always been a predominant activity in India. Despite several concerns about the subject’s legality in the nation, the Indian betting sector has recently seen a significant surge in popularity and value. The introduction of online wagering platforms in India has been a huge altering influence, genuinely revolutionizing sports betting. These offshore sites have also appeared to be the perfect solution to the issue of legal ambiguity and confusion surrounding betting in India, as the government cannot classify them as unlawful. 

Historically, the concept of betting has always made most people feel highly uneasy. Years ago, people who wager were regarded as degenerates and immoral. This explains why we have numerous anti-betting laws enacted.

Fortunately, the general public’s opinion toward betting has shifted dramatically over the years. Sure, there are still individuals who believe it is unacceptable, but they are now in the minority. Betting is finally becoming regarded as a socially acceptable activity. The rise of online betting in India has also helped dispel some negative societal stereotypes associated with wagering. People may now wager from the comfort of their own homes without concerns about judgmental eyes in a walk-in casino. Also, individuals are now more likely to discuss it openly without fear of being condemned.

It’s great that the betting sector has gone mainstream and that people can now discuss it freely since there is so much information available. However, one disadvantage of this widely available information is that many individuals have misunderstandings fostered by untrue myths about betting. A lot of information accessible nowadays isn’t entirely accurate, and some are downright incorrect. Therefore, you must be adequately informed on this issue so that you do not fall prey to misinformation that might lead to you losing money on wagering. As a result, this article will discuss some betting myths and correct them with facts.

Online wagering is not safe.

When the internet was still young, people were skeptical of online wagering. It took some time to get used to the idea of depositing money online to place real money wagers. Online wagering has now been around for over two decades and is a legitimate and regulated industry that is entirely safe for use. Also, numerous betting sites have been in operation for a long time and are fully licensed and regulated. Many of these sites have a solid track record, and their reputations cannot be questioned. 

The fact that such sites have existed for so long and served millions of customers worldwide is more than sufficient proof that online wagering is safe. The only thing you should be careful about is choosing the right sportsbook as there are untrustworthy sites that have defrauded many people. However, it is much easier than before to avoid these phony websites today by checking for a license before wagering on any bookie. 

Feeling lucky means you’ll win.

Although wagering is heavily reliant on luck, there is much more to determining whether you will win your wagers or not. The truth is that odds and chances are mathematical probabilities that are not influenced by the power of luck. A distorted belief about luck will only lead to placing irrational and random wagers, resulting in multiple losses. This can also lead to developing an addiction. Sports wagering requires careful analysis and research on the game, team, and players you are wagering on and some calculations on the odds. Therefore, predictions based on pure assumptions will often yield poor or even damaging results.

You can win lost money back if you keep playing.

This is a risky way of thinking because chasing your losses will only lead to additional debt. The fact is that the longer you persist, the more likely you are to lose money. That is why it is critical to take regular breaks. When you see that you’re losing concentration and your emotions are starting to take over due to a losing streak, you need to stop betting, relax, and do something else pleasant. This will allow you to learn, assess your next game better, and make more informed decisions.

You need to be a math genius to be good at betting.

Although there is some level of math involved in wagering, especially when it comes to sports wagering, you don’t have to be a math genius to succeed. Numbers are ubiquitous in betting, and they are highly significant. You must understand how to manipulate numbers, calculate odds, and understand what the numbers mean, among other things. As a result, you’ll need to do some calculations. However, most of these calculations are rather basic and straightforward, so there’s no need to be concerned if math isn’t your strong suit. This will not jeopardize your chances of success in any way.

It is impossible to win with high odds.

It is absurd to believe that winning comes only from wagering on small odds. Although the odds set by sportsbooks usually reflect the likelihood of a particular game outcome, the truth is that earning money on high odds is no simpler than making money on small odds; you can win or lose in both circumstances. However, it is safer to avoid illogical and unrealistic wagers as much as possible.


Betting is riddled with several myths that may confuse even the most seasoned punter. As a result, a player needs to be well informed to distinguish between facts and hearsays. You can visit a reliable betting platform like Parimatch to wager on your favorite games.


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