Everyday Struggles of a Tomboy You Will Relate To If You are One!

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Tomboys are a misunderstood and often marginalized group in society. Women face harsh judgment from others because they don’t conform to gender norms. But this doesn’t mean that tomboy culture is any less valuable or meaningful than other cultures with different values around the world
“being yourself.”

. People may assume you to be a lesbian: It’s not new when people doubt you about your sexuality when you hang out with other girls. But to be clear, every tomboy is not supposedly is a lesbian, they may be straight. I mean, the way they dress does not necessarily have anything to do with who they are interested in.

2. Reminding people, you are still a “woman”: Sure it may not seem like the typical woman who wears heels and dresses that show off their femininity but there’s no need for us all to change our style because one day we might find ourselves single again!
A lot of guys dress very similarly-it becomes something they do without realizing what kind if reaction this will bring about in others around them or even themselves at times (I’ve seen plenty!). As women though;we can always rely on fashion.

You don’t know what it’s like to be asked for a “date” . When was the last time you got approached by someone who wasn’t family or friends?. If your answer is “never, no worries,” then congratulations!.  You’re in great company because most women will never experience this. The reason why so many of us haven’t experienced these asking behaviors.  Before may simply come down how we feel about ourselves. If men think they can approach any woman without fear of rejection while also respecting her personal boundaries then there’ll probably lots more approaches happening soon 🙂

Guys, bi-sexuals and everybody else want to know what you’re into. Your love life is the last thing on their minds though!.
It’s just curiosity that prompts these questions. No caring or thinking about how it might affect them they only question. Because weromeans something different than straight people do (we all have our preferences). But don’t worry: as long as those close enough know where each person. Stands in regards towards sex/gender identity then everything should be fine.

You’re not alone in this. You have a lot of free advice: Try dressing up more like an attractive woman and avoid walking or talking with attitude- that’s just my suggestion though!. Others give different perspectives on what works for them too. Some say avoiding eye contact is the key while others . Don’t see any difference between speaking loudly versus whisper mode (shhh). As long as we all know how tough it can be sometimes.  When everyone wants us ive interesting conversations about their lives at parties . I think its best if you take everyones’ wisdom into consideration before making changes because they might.

You hanging out with any girl is seen differently: People may perceive you to either be in a relationship with the girl you hang out or looks like you have got a crush on her. But the truth is you like being with that person and who is probably less dramatic than the other girls you know.

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