Eight Floral Bras Your Partner Will Love

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While all seasons have their beauty, spring and summer are especially pretty seasons because of all the flora that blooms and thrives. There’s something magical about spending time outdoors and experiencing the lovely sights and smells of the flowers, but the vibrant colors of summery florals look just as good inside as they do outside. You can decorate your home with fresh blooms on the table, floral wallpaper, flower print bedding, and even flower-themed art on the walls. But another way to bring the florals inside is through wearing them on your clothes. 

Cheery, sophisticated floral prints look exquisite on clothing, and no place more so than on floral bras. For all those who like a touch of the dreamy and romantic, delicate but stunning undergarments are the best way to carry your whimsicality into your everyday life. Whether you’re dressing up in alluring bras for yourself, or whether there’s someone else you’ll share them with, we know lovely floral patterned bras will be a hit all around this season. 

Luckily, we have just the brand to supply you with high quality, comfortable, gorgeous floral bras. Fleur du Mal has a wonderful selection of flower themed bras that you can score for yourself. We’re sure you’ll fall in love with their offerings, which is why we’re going to share a few of our favorites here. So without further ado, let’s explore the most dazzling floral bras you can find.

The Lily Embroidery Plunge Demi Bra in Clementine

If you are a fan of lilies, you need this bra that will cover you in delicate petals stretching inwards. The Lily Embroidery Plunge Demi Bra flawlessly captures the essence of the fiery orange lily. It also promises to lightly lift with its underwire and adaptable straps so that you get your ideal fit every time. 

The Jardin Embroidery Longline Demi Bra in Bisou

For all the romantic, young-at-heart dreamers, the Jardin Embroidery Longline Demi Bra was made just for you. It couldn’t be any more lovely if it tried, with its mix of pink florals and green sprigs, its shaping cups, and extended length with boning to keep you feeling snug and supported. It features a zipper at the back so getting in and out is a breeze. If you were to wear a bra as a crop top, this would be the perfect option.

The Lily Embroidery Longline Demi Bra in Emerald

For all the pastels and subdued colors of summer, don’t forget that rich emerald green is also a summertime shade! This bra will bring to mind the fresh, vibrant greens around you, and the emerald pools you can dive into during warm weather. It provides the structure you want while still being comfortable and chic. 

The Pixie Embroidery Balconette Bra in Fresh Mint

We guarantee you will look sweet as sugar in this cotton candy hued bra. When it comes to stunning details, this bra wins the prize; shimmery thread pairs with delicate embroidered petals to create a whimsical bra that practically glows against your skin. We love the summery feel the cool blue straps give this look.

The Lily Triangle Bralette in Black

You may think of black as more of a winter shade, but when it’s paired with a silky material on the cups and delicate lily embroidery, you can see how wonderful it is for warm weather. Because of how flattering the triangle cups are, we love this bralette for wearing as a statement part of your outfit. And can’t you just imagine how simple and comfortable this would feel under all your summer tees and tanks?

The Tuileries Embroidery Balconette in Multi

For a bright splash of that summer feeling, turn to this bra. The Tuileries Embroidery Balconette is both stunning and supportive, because whoever said bras can’t be both was wrong. With soft adjustable straps and embroidered florals that rise above the cup to give a ridged effect against your skin, this bra is pure prettiness. 

The Monet Embroidered Boned Bralette in Black

If you want to feel like a work of art, this bra is the perfect choice! With its support due to boning rather than underwire, it is more comfortable than other bras that offer similar structure. The bright flowers on the sheer black background make the florals pop, and we love the intentional placement of each petal. 


If you are someone who loves to see the spring and summer blooms emerge, we know you’ll also love wearing delicate, vibrant florals on your clothes. Fleur du Mal’s collection of dreamy floral bras is guaranteed to hit the spot when it comes to your romantic side; and more than just looking beautiful, they’re also well made, crafted with quality materials, comfortable, adaptable, and long lasting. Now is the perfect time to wear lovely floral bras as we head into summer, but you can also take your purchases into the cold winter months when you long for a burst of fresh blooms. 


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